Arki Thorton of Combine Academy Regional is an athletic versatile wing who simply takes over games with his activity and energy. He has the ability to get to the basket with ease and finish over defenders. He displayed flashes of his shooting ability as well as he hit a few from behind the arc. He rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor  Defensively, he plays with a ton of energy and utilizes his length to create turnovers and get out in transition. With his body type and skill, he has the ability to be a steal for a scholarship-level program.

Peyton Lewis of Combine Academy Regional is an efficient pass-first point guard who is super fundamental and is a difference-maker for his team. While he is undersized, his IQ and ability to be a scorer and facilitator overlook that. He showcases the ability to step up and knock down big shots for his team when needed. He is deceptively quick which allows him to get by defenders. College Level Programs looking for a solid point guard who can run a team and their offense, he is worth a look.

Austin Swartz of Flight 9 16U had an incredible showing in his first game as he completely dominated offensively. He displayed the ability to not only get in the lane and finish but also create scoring opportunities from midrange and from the three off the bounce. Aside from his obvious scoring ability, he also created well for his teammates putting them in the perfect spot to score. As the lead guard it was also nice to hear him talk on the floor and showcase some leadership as he was a great communicator. As he continues to develop, he will be a solid guard to watch improve. 

Hampton Evans of Team CP3 2024 is the ultimate glue guy for any team. He is a super versatile player who has the ability to do it all on both sides of the floor. He has the ability to play and defend multiple positions effectively and is a super-efficient player. He fits in perfectly with any group of guys because he is very unselfish and simply does exactly what is asked of him. He is going to be a hot commodity very soon as he continues to develop his body and skill set. I am excited to watch this kid blossom. 

Nick Hamrick of Seals Prep is a super long and fluid player who plays with that ‘it’ factor. He by all means is super skilled and has a potential that is through the roof. At 6’7, he is gifted with great ball skills that allow him to create off the dribble. He does a great job of leading his team on both sides of the floor. He showed the ability to get to the rim, shoot it from range, and get to the free-throw line. He is going to be a stud at the next level as he continues to grow and develop his skill set. He will be a high-level division 1 talent! Division 1’s should definitely reach out to him now!