By: Kevin Moses

2026 Alex Leeth of Knox Webb High School class and Tennessee Impact did a great job at the US basketball tournament at Lake Point. He was the ultimate blue-collar stud who makes his mark in every single game. His energy and hustle were incredible and he fueled his team well. He was a monster on defense beyond the numbers and rock solid across the board.

His stock is rising quickly with his high-level performances. The potential for greatness is unreal at 6’7. In this tournament, he averaged 10pts, 6 rebs, 2asts, 2blks, and 2 stls while shooting 40 percent from three. His season averaged were 8pts,7rebs, 3asts, 1blks, and 2stls. Everyone better lock him in right now. This gem will shine brighter moving forward as the hard work will only elevate those nice skills. Remember you heard it here when everyone knows his name.

What Else Has Been Said:

“In terms of sheer prospects, Leeth might've been one of the most appealing long-term pieces in the entire building. At 6-foot-6, he's a legitimate wing prospect with IQ, athleticism, and an all-around skill set. Leeth displayed ball skills, defensive versatility, and the ability to do everything offensively. He's a quality rebounder and passer with the tools to dominate his assignment on both ends of the floor. Leeth possesses a useful playmaking sense for his size and is capable of playing within a role or expanding his production. He naturally leads by example on both ends of the floor. It was said that he's still gradually returning to full strength from an injury, which was shocking given everything he showcased. Leeth is certainly a name for coaches to know.”