Triston Skipwith  5’6 135 2025  Churchland Middle School, Portsmouth VA

Triston Skipwith is a wizard with the ball in his hands.  He’s quick and shifty, he’s in front of you and then he’s not.  He is a dynamic playmaker with excellent body control and a combination of instincts and natural ball-handling ability that allows him to break defenders down and get wherever he needs to with the dribble.  He’s not only a crafty ball handler whose use of hesitations or hang dribbles, quick crossovers and inside out dribbles and skillful footwork makes him so elusive but he’s an intelligent ball handler and floor general with a great feel and all the tools to become a standout point guard at the high school level in the coming years. 

Even with his ability to dazzle you with the dribble Triston doesn’t over dribble and is a reliable facilitator making solid decisions and demonstrating the vision and passing skills that allow him to create scoring opportunities for teammates.  He couples high-level ball-handling skills and shiftiness with blow-by quickness and the ability to change speeds effortlessly.  He has an impressive arsenal of dribble moves he executes skillfully and seemingly instinctively; he may not even know what move he will employ in a certain circumstance! 

Triston is a good finisher, whether using floaters or finishing off the glass he protects the basketball nicely in traffic and shows great touch around the rim.  He’s also a very good shooter, better on spot-ups as he hits the catch and shoots jumper with good regularity and with three-point range but capable of filling it up off dribble pull-ups, floaters, and step-backs as well.   Triston is a smothering on-ball defender, his quick feet and lateral quickness and quick, active hands allow him to apply maximum ball pressure and not get beat.  Triston is the type of floor general who can elevate the play of those around him.  His gritty style of play, his game management skills, and the threat he poses as both a facilitator and a scorer makes him an impact force every time he’s on the floor.  Watch for him!  He has a chance to be a special player.