My’kel Jenkins 6’5 165 2024 Tarboro HS (NC) / Team Loaded VA

Length, strength, elite level athleticism, versatility on both ends of the floor, and a tenacious defender.  That’s an abbreviated description of what My’kel Jenkins brings to the floor.  An impact player for sure, a guy who can guard every position at the high school level and shut down whoever he is guarding!  My’kel has fantastic footwork; a quick and agile athlete who combines length with a strong frame and relentless energy.  His combination of length and strength and excellent lateral quickness allows him to keep the ball handler in front of him and stifle dribble penetration.  He has quick and active hands that leads to steals and combined with his length allows him to contest shots more effectively.  He demonstrates great instincts off the ball and is quick to react for steals in passing lanes.  The fluidity and gracefulness of his movements is an indication of his agility and sound execution of fundamentals. 

My’kel can guard you baseline to baseline and not get beat and not only can he do it against the best of ballhandlers, but he is more than willing to do it!  He wants to guard your best guy whether he’s a point guard or a center and he can guard him make no mistake about that.  Always engaged defensively and demonstrates solid instincts.  Offensively he is a matchup nightmare.  He is strong enough to overwhelm most guards yet has such an explosive burst with his first step he often blows right by his defender.  My’kel uses basic crossovers and plays off hesitations effectively.   He can play at different speeds and his combination of length and quickness allows him to get wherever he wants with the dribble routinely.  He does a great job keeping his dribble low as he slices through defenses and he has the ability to switch into another gear and just explode to the rim like a freight train where he can finish with physicality and touch.  He has the length to finish over opposing bigs and the great body control and athleticism to contort his body and finish around contact.  He also plays through contact effectively.  He can bully you or blow by you and another key to his offensive success is his silky smooth pull-up jumper. 

My’kel can attack you with great quickness then stop on a dime and elevate into his jumper demonstrating very good mechanics and a fluid stroke.  He has proven especially efficient shooting off dribble pull-ups and scoring on the move.  He can get to his spots seemingly at will and with his length and elevation his shot is so difficult to contest, not to mention the difficulty for a defender who is backtracking trying to contain My’kels quickness and rangy strides.  He is an excellent shot creator.  Effective in tight spaces because of his physical attributes and mechanics.  He is downright lethal in transition moreso as a scorer but shows potential as a secondary facilitator.  My’kel is also efficient on catch and shoot jumpers in the mid range and moves off the ball nicely.  Has developing range but can hit the three-pointer at a respectable rate.  My’kel is such a solid prospect you can’t help but be excited about his upside.  He is a high academic student-athlete and a fierce competitor.  A winner!  He’s a guy who sets the tone on both ends of the floor and you know he’s going to bring it on every possession.   Should be a breakout year for My’kel who has enjoyed a solid summer for Team Loaded VA.  He has big-time potential and I expect his stock will see a steady and steep climb over the next couple of years.