By: Kevin Moses

2024 Jett Montgomery of Independence High School and the 17u Nashville Stars AAU team is an amazing athlete that can shoot the cover off the ball. Known for being a triple-threat scoring machine since the day he stepped onto the high school court, he is a proven leader and winner; he is one of the fiercest competitors you will ever meet.

Don’t let that 6’2 star fool you, as he is crafty, athletic, and plays gritty defense that will overwhelm you in minutes. Montgomery to tough and physical, not just flashy. He can dazzle us with sweet passing, while also getting after it on the boards too. He is a proven leader and winner who can take over a game in a flash when needed.

Last season, Montgomery led his team to the state semifinals while averaging 22.7pts, 3rebs, 2asts, and 2stls. In AAU Montgomery averaged 20pts, 5 rebs, 4asts, and 2.3stls.

With the heart of a warrior, he plays fast and hard and is always doing what he has to get that win. He takes great pride in his work ethic on and off the court. He takes upon the personal challenge to put play anyone and anywhere despite his size which has never slowed him down.

He reminds me of Stephen Curry with the exact same swag. Montgomery is on a mission with something to prove. Doubters beware, this player is hunting and chasing a championship this coming season. Don’t sleep on this one and know whoever gets this young star he is still getting better and better.