Dashawn Lucus 6’3 175 2024 Kings Fork High School, Suffolk VA / Team Loaded 757

Dashawn is an exciting prospect, skilled and athletic, solid frame, agile, and what I like most, a great motor!  Dashawn plays hard and uses his sturdy frame and physicality to assert himself around the rim where he is a strong and active rebounder.  He has good footwork, long strides, and the ability to maneuver through defenses, alluding defenders as he attacks the rim.  Dashawn has a capable handle and attacks space emphatically and is a fearless finisher.  Shows good quickness when he gets downhill or on straight-line drives and scores on the move nicely.  Has the ability to finish above the rim.  He has a good touch, very good body control, and flashes some skills as a passer as well.   

Dashawn moves nicely off the ball and has good hands, plays through contact.  Has the physicality and assertiveness to punish defenders at the rim.  Dashawn can hit the spot-up jumper and has three-point range.  Displays good mechanics and a fluid stroke.  Shows potential as a threat in isolations when his jumper is falling because of his ability to get to the rim quickly and score in a variety of ways en route to the rim.  He really pounds the glass hard especially on the offensive end and is so active you have to keep a body on him.   Dashawn is a solid athlete who has powerful leaping ability and is a very good repeat jumper.  His high motor and relentless effort makes him a factor on both ends of the floor not only from a rebounding standpoint but Dashawn pursues loose balls and won’t hesitate to get on the floor to secure possession of the basketball.  He is a versatile defender who loves to compete.  

Dashawn defends 3-5 at the high school level.  Moves his feet nicely and shows good mobility on closeouts, laterally as he defends the dribble and his footwork is solid.  Kings Fork star and Division I recruiting target Quentin Livingston, revered in the 757 for his motor and effort trains with Deshawn and praises the freshman’s work ethic and desire to win!  “He’s a dog!  Has a business-like attitude toward workouts and practices.  He can do it all offensively, he’s a big guard!  Deshawn just loves the game and is a student of the game” adds Livingston.   Only a freshman, Dashawn has the physical, fundamental, and mental tools and desire to be a prolific scorer and impact player at the high school level with potential as a next-level prospect.  He’s one Kings Fork fans should be excited about and one college coaches should add to their watch list immediately!