Player: AJ Parsley
Class: 2024
Position: Point Guard
School: Mooresville

Recently heading up just above the Charlotte area to check in on Mooresville high school, we had a chance to check in on a new member with the team but a familiar face with Phenom Hoops. 2024 AJ Parsley looks to be a key piece for the future of Mooresville and while watching, the small point guard really impressed with his overall feel on the floor. 

Parsley does a terrific job in playing with tremendous poise, never being sped up, and being that true leader on the court. He showcased terrific vision in finding his teammates for easy baskets, really playing so unselfishly.  He has that true point guard mentality, and his court awareness is big time, as he understands where to pick his spots, is really good in working running a two-man game, and just makes the right play on the floor.

That is not to even mention just how scrappy he plays on the defensive end.  Parsley seems to just be all over the place, up in his opponents’ face, working his quick feet to stay in front of his defender, and being incredibly vocal in making sure everyone is aware. 

For his size and how he battles, we were extremely impressed with what we saw on the court with Parsley and think he is going to be a huge factor for Mooresville this year.  Also should be one that could earn some more looks if you are looking for that true point guard.

What has been said before:

“Parsley has more of the point guard role for this team, seeing the floor, finding his teammates on the floor, creating with the dribble, and scoring the ball effectively from the perimeter or attacking.”

“Super quick PG that can really move with the ball in his hands. Wasn’t a huge factor on the score sheet but he made an impact on the game. He’s a pest on the defensive end and can see the floor well. Needs to develop timing on passes a bit and finish better on his chances but all signs point to him being a tough floor general going forward.”