Tyson Henderson  5’10 150 2023 BWSL Pace  /  LC Bird High School, Richmond VA

Tyson is a fundamentally sound and athletically gifted guard whose blazing speed and explosiveness coupled with a deft shooting touch makes him a multilevel scoring threat.  What is most impressive is his skill level and a natural feel, he’s a very intelligent and reliable decision-maker.  Tyson has excellent vision and is a crafty passer and lead guard, able to change speeds effortlessly and finish over or around length.  His range and shot-making skills both beyond the arc, in the middle, and around the rim make him a valuable player to have on the floor at either guard position.  He is one of the most elusive players I’ve seen in a long time and his combination of speed, IQ, athleticism, and tenacity make him such a valuable prospect not to mention his blow-by quickness, slipperiness, and shiftiness.   We talk a lot about the value of that quick first step but he also has another gear and an explosive second step where once he makes a dribble move to beat a defender he can seamlessly shift into another gear and explode into seams and make a play.   

Even from a standstill, his ability to erupt and accelerate quickly is eye-popping!  Tyson has a quick handle and plays off hesitations nicely.  Uses crossovers, inside out dribbles, and displays a solid and creative handle but his explosiveness rarely requires a lot of ball-handling wizardry to get defenders off balance.  Tyson can blow by a defender and suddenly stop and pop with great fluidity and under control and knock down the pull-up jumper which he does at a very impressive rate.  He can also finish at the rim using floaters and finger roll finishes and manages to find the slightest bit of daylight and finish with a variety of moves.  He is so smooth on his finishes it is as if things slow down and he floats in for a finish which is a stark contrast to the explosive burst generated when he begins the drive.  He has excellent body control to finish around length and eludes defenders and he also absorbs contact nicely.  When you couple his ability to stretch the floor with the jumper and his blur-like quickness you have a challenging defensive assignment.  Tyson’s quickness and a relentless motor make him a threat on the defensive end of the floor as well.  He constantly harasses the ball handler with quick feet, quick hands, and great instincts.  

Tyson is a competitor and you’ll find him battling for rebounds and flagging down loose balls as well as interrupting passing lanes.  He is the product of a highly regarded basketball family and the son of a successful AAU coach so the skill level and competitiveness are part of his basketball DNA.  Tysons brother Tyler Henderson starred at LC Bird High School and established himself as one of the top point guards in Virginia before accepting a scholarship to play at DII Anderson University of the South Atlantic Conference.  I expect Tyson might also entertain college offers in the near future.