Khaleel Abdullah 6’1 170 2023 Flint Hill School, Oakton VA 

Khaleel has a nice mix of physicality and creativity as a playmaker.  He is able to use his powerful frame to bully opposing guards or can incorporate some nimble footwork and a crafty handle to break defenders down in isolation and get to the rim with very good regularity.  He has a strong upper body and powerful legs and does a great job creating and playing off contact, keeping his off-hand “busy” and using contact to gain leverage and overpower defenders.  He uses jab steps and ball fakes effectively then uses long and powerful strides attacking space and simply pounds his way to the rim shedding defenders along the way.  He is an athletic guard, light on his feet, and has very good quickness that surprised me given his solid frame.  

Khaleel can break defenders down with crossovers and inside-out dribbles, hesitations, and an aggressive first step, powerful and quick.  He is near-automatic on spot-ups, knows how to create separation as a shooter, and has NBA three-point range.  Khaleel can also relocate with the dribble and get to his spots and hit the pull-up jumper at a good rate.  His shot mechanics are sound and fluid.  He demonstrates great body control and uses his physicality nicely in the paint to finish or to get to the free-throw line.  He protects the basketball nicely on the drive and has a fantastic touch around the rim.   He has a great feel as a playmaker, is unselfish, and demonstrates excellent vision and the ability to create offense for teammates.  Khaleel understands when he needs to be a scorer and when he should employ his point guard skills and become a facilitator.  His handle is solid, crafty and he is an intelligent and skillful passer.  You can expect productivity and leadership at either guard position on both ends of the floor.  

Khaleel’s solid footwork and quickness allow him to defend either guard position effectively.  He has excellent lateral quickness and quick hands.  It is not uncommon to see him strip an opposing ballhandler of the dribble and just take it away from an opponent.  He defends in space exceptionally well and does a great job moving his feet and using his strong upper body defensively, so well that he averaged three changes taken per game!  Khaleel is a high academic, high character floor leader who is vocal and highly regarded by teammates and coaches.  He carries a 3.8 GPA so he gets it done in the classroom as well as on the court.  

Strong and slippery on the move as a scorer and facilitator with a smooth stroke and sure touch as a shooter, Khaleel brings a lot of skill and savvy to the floor and has a natural feel which in addition to his solid work ethic and hours of dedication to his game could also be attributed to his impressive basketball DNA!  Khaleel’s uncle is College Basketball and NBA Hall of Famer Earl “the Pearl” Monroe!  “The Pearl” was also selected as one of the 50 players on the NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team selected back in 1996 after a legendary career with the Baltimore Bullets and New York Knicks.  Khaleel has a ton of experience and knowledge to draw from with his impressive family basketball history.  He will no doubt carve out his own identity.  His impressive physical profile coupled with his advanced skill level makes for an exciting prospect to keep an eye on going forward.