Alejandro Ford 6’6 165 2023 Wakefield School, VA / VA Playmakers 2023 Black

Alejandro is a long and athletic wing who demonstrates a lot of versatility as a scorer.  His combination of length, quickness and skill allows him to impact games in a variety of ways on both ends of the floor.  He is a fantastic three-pointer shooter with a smooth stroke and a high release.  He has a great feel moving off the ball and excellent footwork.  His release is quick and his mechanics are flawless. 

Alejandro can really fill it up from beyond the arc and given his length and high release his shot is simply un-blockable!  He has a quick first step and uses rangy strides attacking the rim.  Demonstrates great body control and slipperiness as he slices through defenses to the basket where he shows a great touch.  His length allows him to shoot over the top of most defenders and he slips past bigger defenders with ease because of his good quickness and shifty basket attacking style.  Alejandro has a very good handle using basic crossovers and does a good job keeping the dribble low, scores in traffic nicely thanks in large part to his great touch both with runners and finishes off the glass.  Efficient with dribble pull-ups and has a smooth overall offensive game with plenty of scoring versatility.  He shows very good quickness and ball-handling ability in transition, is a high IQ offensive player who runs the floor nicely, and finishes around the rim at an impressive rate.  Very tough to guard given his ability to stretch the floor with the jumper, his ability to score on the move, his length, and impressive quickness. 

Don’t let his wiry frame fool you,  Alejandro absorbs contact nicely and is a strong and durable player who shows plenty of tenacity on both ends of the floor.   He can guard multiple positions and shows solid footwork and deceptive quickness.  His length allows him to contest and his mammoth wingspan allows him to play off the ball and still get a hand up and contest.  Alejandro has good lateral mobility and because of his length including his long wingspan, he looks impossible to drive around.  It helps that he moves his feet so nicely and maintains sound defensive posture.  Good rebounder, a very good shot blocker, and an extremely versatile defensive player. 

The sky is the limit for Alejandro!  Shows solid skills and athleticism right now and compliments that with his length and toughness.  Has prolific scoring potential!  He’s a player college coaches need to add to their watch list immediately!