Player: Dillon Cubit
Class: 2023
Height: 6’9
AAU: Texas Impact
School: St. Andrews

Phenom Hoops’ Patrick O’Brien went out to San Diego, California to check out the talent at the Phenom America National Camp, a camp that brought talent from around the country all under one building.  A terrific and eye-opening event, we had a chance to watch several intriguing and new players on the floor and one player that caught my eyes is 2023 6’9 Dillon Cubit from Texas.

Cubit quickly grabbed our attention with his size and frame, bringing a strong build and physical feel immediately to the court.  He uses that well to his advantage on both sides of the court, but the more you watch the big man operate, you can see that he provides a lot more as well as be a player that should only continue to develop his overall feel.

Cubit really moves well and runs the floor in transition at his size. He also has the ability to make his presence felt outside on the perimeter but is at his best when he is manning the paint and bringing that physical presence.  He finished strong at the rim, was active all over the boards, and can make his presence felt as a paint protector.  But what makes him so intriguing is that I believe he is just starting his story in what he could be, as there is room for growth, and think he could be a great piece down the road.