Stylz Gardner 5’11 145 2022 Peninsula Catholic School, Hampton VA

Stylz is a shooting specialist!  He converted on an impressive 42% of his three-point shot attempts last season knocking down 92 three-pointers during a stellar sophomore year.  Stylz converts at a high percentage from all levels and in a variety of actions hitting catch and shoot jumpers, sprinting off screens, stepping in off the dribble, dribble handoffs, and all with skillful footwork, sound, and repeatable mechanics and a quick release.  He also knocks down off-balance shots and contested shots at a good rate getting very good elevation on his shot, good release point.  I also like how he sets his man up and runs off screens.  A very well-schooled shooter! 

His off the ball movement is really good.  Stylz uses backdoors, misdirections, etc, and always seems to get open, and given his disciplined shot preparation, footwork, and his quick release once he gets any bit of daylight he can bury the jumper at the blink of an eye.  Stylz uses step backs effectively to create space but the suddenness of his release either off a dribble or on the catch will often catch defenders ill-prepared to contest.  Stylz uses the threat of his jumper and good quickness off the dribble to attack hard closeouts and get into the lane where he can pull up and hit the jumper at a good rate as well.  With his powerful legs, quick stop, and starts and change of direction moves and a quick handle he is able to navigate tight spaces and get into the lane and create for teammates showing good playmaking potential.  He’s a very good passer!  Stylz has a nice burst when getting downhill, quick.  He does a great job shielding defenders off as he attacks the rim, even going up for finishes and shows nice touch around the rim.  On the defensive end, Stylz takes advantage of his quick feet and toughness.  He is solid containing the dribble.  Really competes and gets to his defensive assignments timely.  Solid in executing traps, double teams. 

They say shooting translates at all levels and if that’s the case, Stylz Gardner is one to keep a close eye on for college coaches at all levels.  While his shot-making prowess is high level and draws a lot of attention, Stylz has good potential as a facilitator and shot creator that makes him offensive weapon opponents need to be concerned about.  He can turn a game around in a hurry!