Myles Teal 5’11 160 2021 Peninsula Catholic School, Hampton VA

Myles is a scrappy competitor, a lockdown defender with a tireless motor and a solid guard who can give you scoring while also running the offense intelligently and creating for others.  His athleticism and competitiveness really stand out!  Myles embraces the challenge of guarding the other team’s best guard and most often renders them ineffective with harassing on-ball pressure, quick feet and solid footwork.  Myles can get into the offensive player’s bubble from baseline to baseline and not get beat.  He is a game-changing defender using upper body strength, quickness, sound mechanics, and intelligence and gets a lot of steals and deflections as a result of relentless pressure. 

Off the ball, his anticipation and quickness make him a threat for steals in passing lanes anytime a pass is made.  He really seems to come out of nowhere for steals and demonstrates a great feel on the defensive end.  Offensively Myles does a solid job getting dribble penetration and finding cutters and shooters.  He is very quick end to end with the dribble and is always looking to attack.  Myles can break defenders down in the half-court with quickness, timely hesitations, and quick crossovers.  He attacks help effectively and is a passing and scoring threat on dribble penetration.  Smart, skillful passer with great vision and decision making skills.  Myles hits the pull-up jumper at a very good rate and his ability to decelerate, his body control and great court awareness allow him to be a very efficient offensive weapon as both a facilitator and a scorer.  He is very good on spot-up opportunities and has three-point range.  His ability to stretch the floor complements his great first step and his quickness of the dribble.  Myles has made great strides over the past year, always an effort guy who impacts with defensive heroics he is now a guy who can give you versatility and impactful play on the offensive end.  His practice habits and work ethic are contagious. 

I watched him work out recently with a nearly two-hour session comprised mostly of footwork drills, conditioning drills, and sprints and he capped it off with a series of dunks including a dunk contest worthy windmill dunk which was eye-popping for someone 5’11 but more impressive after such an exhaustive workout!  In practice, Myles sets the tone and challenges teammates and he also sets the tone on the court with his high-level defensive play.  I expect Myles will attract attention from college coaches to the D2 level as he now offers more productivity and efficiency on the offensive end to compliment his lockdown defensive abilities.