Phenom Hoops continues to bring you the latest recruiting news around the country, talking to players to learn the latest in what has been going on with them. We recently spoke with 2023 Tre Norman from Worcester Academy/BABC, as he has added multiple offers lately to his resume. Check out the latest in what he had to say.

Phenom: First, I wanted to ask you how this summer has been going so far when talking about basketball?  Who have you been playing with and what has been your focus?

Norman: My summer has been going great so far, I’ve been traveling a lot and playing again the best competition.  I’m playing with BABC and me and a couple of guys are playing up for EYBL this year, so that has really been my focus.  I’m just trying to improve my game and develop more into a guard and increase my shooting percentage.  But everything has been good so far.  I’m trying to make this the summer where my life changes.

Phenom: You added a few offers recently. What did Siena have to say when they offered and what did they like about your game?

Norman: They said they loved my energy and play style but it was a brief conversation considering I was getting ready for a workout.

Phenom: Was that the first time you spoke with them or have you been able to build a relationship with them before?

Norman: It was the first time.

Phenom: You also recently added an offer from UMass.  What was that like for you?

Norman: I wasn’t able to talk to them at that time but they told one of my coaches that I had the offer.

Phenom: Huge congrats as well on the latest offer from Brown. What did the staff have to say and how did you learn about that offer?

Norman: I got the call from Coach Martin this morning (Tuesday) and we talked for like 15 minutes and he told me he liked my game and wanted to build a relationship with me and as a kid from Boston, I am honored to be noticed by Brown because Aaron Cooley committed there and if they are good enough for him, then they must be good people.

Phenom: You hold an offer from Bryant. What was it like to receive that first offer and have they been keeping tabs on you throughout?

Norman: The Bryant offer I got through my coach last summer and me and the head coach had a brief conversation.  But it was very exciting because it was my first offer.

Phenom: What other schools have been reaching out or showing interest?

Norman: I have some schools showing interest.  Tulane, Penn, Butler, La Salle, Miami University, Elon, George Washington, and Air Force have all shown interest.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game?

Norman: I would say I am a big guard who finishes around the rim and create for myself and others.  I’m trying to develop more into a point guard this summer and really trying to improve my shot.