Player: Desmond White
Class: 2023
Height: 6’3
AAU: Brad Beal Elite
High School: The Skill Factory

Offers: George Mason, SE Missouri State, Southern Illinois, Missouri, UIC, Missouri State, Tulsa, Tenn Tech, and Bryant

Phenom: The summer is ending but overall, how has this summer gone for you, and what was it like to be on the court with your guys?
White: The summer was great, coming to a new team with new talented guys is always good.  We started off the summer not all on the same page and just trying to figure out how to play together.  And by the end of the summer, we were playing good basketball.  Coach Irons and the rest of the staff put us in the places to make the plays and we made them.  We really came together and got on the same page toward the end of the summer and had a great run.  Being on the court with the players was easy, we all wanted to win and win at a high level.  So, once we got some chemistry within us, we started really hooping.  

Phenom: What did you want to show more with your game? And how would you best describe your game?
White: I wanted to show that I could really sit down and guard because a lot of people think I’m just a high-level scorer but I can guard and rebound at a high level too.  I would describe my game as a scoring combo guard that plays tough and makes winning plays.  Whatever it takes to win, I’ll do.

Phenom: What did this summer show you more about your game and where you can improve?
White: This summer showed me that I can compete at a high level and being tough can take you a long way. I can improve in the weight room and put on some weight to be able to bang with the big dogs.  Also, getting more explosive is an area of focus for this upcoming year.

Phenom: What is your excitement about your new adventure this upcoming high school season?
White: I’m just excited to compete against the best and put in the work. Being able to get the most out of my day being in the gym, I think my game can make another leap.

Phenom: What is your excitement about TSF?
White: Just the opportunity for growth in my game and being surrounded by really good players.

Phenom: How has your recruitment been going? You added an offer from George Mason. What are your thoughts on hat program and does anything stand out?
White: Recruiting has been good; it is picking up after my play at Peach Jam.  I really like Coach English and I think George Mason is building on something really good.

Phenom: How did you hear about the offer and what did they have to say that they liked about your game?
White: Coach English called me, they like my ability to shoot the ball at a high clip and guard and rebound.

Phenom: What have been the other newest offers for you in the last few months?
White: I have a lot of interest coming in right now as Murray State, Minnesota, and Dayton.  My most recent offer besides George Mason was UIC.

Phenom: Who would you say has been strong with you as far as who has offered?
White: Southern Illinois and UIC have been on me the hardest out of my offers so far.

Phenom: You also took a visit to Missouri recently.  How was that visit and have they continued to stay in touch?
White: Yeah, the visit was great. I took it to with the old staff but the new staff is in touch still.

Phenom: Has any schools really been standing out?
White: I’m really keeping all my options open and just working to get better each day.

Phenom: Any timeframe of when you might decide? And any visits or anything you have planned coming up?
White: I haven’t really sat down and chosen a date for that. But I’m trying to find dates for visits this year for sure. George Mason will be one to visit and UIC, and some other if the interest gets bigger also.