2023 Cole Callaway has been a staple on the Phenom Hoops platform and his recruitment has gone quite well. He continues to catch the attention of college coaches around the country and is now up to double-digit offers, as well as being able to visit quite a few schools.

Phenom Hoops spoke to Callaway about how his recruitment has been going and the schools that have been staying on him hard. We also dive into his expectations for this upcoming season at Lake Norman as a senior, his focus on his game, and what he is looking for in a program down the road.

Phenom: What is your focus and excitement about your senior season? What are your thoughts early on about the team and what are you hoping to provide this year for your team?

Callaway: To keep working and getting better as a player, and to help my teammates get better every day. We are off to a good start in our fall league. We are focused on winning the conference championship, holiday tournament, and conference tournament to set us up for a chance to win a state championship my senior year. We have a chance to be pretty good this year. We will be young but I am looking forward to helping our young players and doing whatever I need to do to help the team win; whatever Coach Hodges needs me to do. We have a tough schedule this year, but I am excited for my final year at Lake Norman; can’t wait for Nov 18th.

Phenom: How do you think you have grown as a player over the years?

Callaway: Just becoming more of a complete player on both ends. Becoming more of a scorer than just a shooter, working on my midrange, and getting to the basket along with creating my own shot when we need to score. I have been working hard on my ball handling to help my teammates score as well. Also, working hard in the weight room this year has helped me get stronger and quicker on the defensive end along with rebounding and protecting the ball.

Phenom: Recruitment has gone well. What has it been like getting these offers and who has been staying strong with you?

Callaway: It’s been great to visit different schools and meet a lot of great college coaches. It has really taught me the importance of working hard and keep getting better. It means a lot when a coach offers me a spot and believes in me. Right now, I hold offers from Guilford, Toccoa Falls, Kentucky Christian, Covenant, Bridgewater, Sewanee, Brevard, Alma, Vassar, Geneva, Connecticut College, Waynesburg, and Bob Jones.

Phenom: Which schools have you been able to visit again?

Callaway: Milligan, Guilford, Sewanee, Bob Jones, Covenant, Brevard, Bridgewater.  I will be back on a visit to Milligan this Saturday.

Phenom: Nice. What are you overall looking for in a program?

Callaway: Good academic opportunity, good relationships with coaches, and a good fit with the team. How my game fits with their program and how I can help the team win a conference championship.

Phenom: Any time frame of when you may want to decide?

Callaway: Not sure yet; no exact time frame. Just looking for the right and best fit. I want to make my family and coaches that have helped me proud. All the coaches that have offered me have been great on my time frame.