Phenom Hoops continues to bring you the latest recruiting news around the country, talking to players to learn the latest in what has been going on with them. We recently spoke with 2023 Scotty Middleton as he has now picked up a few new offers, including his first Big Ten offer. Check out the latest in what he had to say.

Phenom: How has this summer been going with you as far as basketball goes?

Middleton: Things are going really well, I can’t complain.  I’m blessed to be having games and be in the gym, so not taking that for granted and just getting better this offseason.

Phenom: Who are you playing with this summer and what has it been like with your teammates?

Middleton: I’m playing with New York Renaissance. It’s been really good with my teammates; we had a rough start but we are a tough group and I think we will make a run for a Peach Jam championship.

Phenom: Congrats on your latest offer from Bryant. How did that conversation go with them and what did they have to say?

Middleton: It went well, they said they’ve watched me play on live streams mostly and they think I have a chance to be great.  An they would love me to come up for an unofficial visit and play against and meet those guys.

Phenom: You also earned an offer from Penn State.  What was a big offer. What was it like to get that offer and how has that relationship been with them?

Middleton: Yes sir and that was a big offer for me. It meant a lot to me.  The relationship with them was good when we talked, they told me about my game and how my game would fit into what they are doing there.

Phenom: What other offers do you hold?

Middleton: La Salle, Penn State, and now Bryant.

Phenom: What other schools have shown interest your way?

Middleton: Kansas State, Coastal Carolina, George Washington, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Providence, and Iona.

Phenom: Do you have any plans on visiting any of these schools or have you been able to visit any?

Middleton: Pretty sure I’ll be visiting some soon but haven’t set a date yet.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game?

Middleton: I’m a leader. I’m somebody who wants to do all the little things, talk on defense, rebound, sprint the floor, and just overall make people better. I think I make a lot of people better because I know where they like the ball, the spot they hit the most shots in and I make sure to give it to them when they are in their spots.