Phenom Hoop Report was on deck all day to check out the next young, upcoming talent from around the area this weekend at the Queen City Middle School Showcase. The players didn’t disappoint at all, as players and teams displayed some intriguing talent that will be names national scouts are talking about in the upcoming years. Our scouts wanted to recap an amazing, loaded event with names that caught their eye, listing their Top-5 players they saw in each division. We start with the 14U division. Here are the players that stood out over the weekend in Charlotte.

Jamie Shaw’s Top 5

1. Trey Green (Team CLT)
Green brought out the full arsenal, in a Trae Young sort of way. He always seemed to find himself around the ball and always seemed to make plays with the ball in his hands. Excellent vision & superb shot mechanics, Green was a high Assist, high point guy leading his team to the championship game.

2. Addison Archer (Asheville Game Changers)
Had great size and length, but it was his motor that really impressed. Easily the event's leading shot blocker, Archer was an imposing figure both straight up, from the weak side or on chase downs. He caught numerous dunks, playing above the rim, and changed ends so quickly and effortlessly. He will be fun to watch moving forward.

3. Merel Burgess (Carolina Bad Boyz)
No matter what, it's is always fun to come across a skilled low block presence. Burgess was tabbed Baby Zach Randolph as the event went on, and rightfully so. The thick lefty was unreal on the Block, unable to be guarded 1 on 1. He has good feet, soft hands & great touch. He really knew how to use angles and leverage on the low post. Also a very good area rebounder. Was, perhaps, the hardest player to guard for this entire event.

4. Jaylen Curry (Team CP3)
Electric was probably the best word we could think of for Curry. He had the uncanny ability to heat up quickly, on a few occasions bursting for 10 Points in a 2 minute stretch. He is an active defender, plays with a competitive spirit and is an aggressive downhill scorer. At his best in transition, Curry showed some flashes of Kobe Langley at the same stage.

5. Zack Meyers (WNC Warriors)
This 5th spot was a tough one to nail down, but I had to go with the player I saw have the best performance. Meyers went for 32 Points in his team's final game. He did it on an array of dribble drives, 3-pointers and from getting to the line. Meyers has a great frame, very athletic, to go with his advanced skill set. In an event filled with great performances, Meyers was the best I saw giving him the nod at #5.

Jeff Bendel’s Top 5

1. 5'9 '23 Trey Green (Team CLT)

There should be absolutely no debating the top spot on this list, as Green was simply the best player on display. He's so incredibly polished and able to regularly dictate the action on both ends of the floor. Green has an unbelievable feel for the game, which goes hand-in-hand with his vision and ability to generate offense from anywhere on the floor. He's also arguably the best shooter I've seen in the Class of 2023.

2. 6'6 '23 Addison Archer (Asheville Game Changers)

Having seen the post prospect throughout the last calendar year, it's becoming even more glaringly obvious that Archer has the chance to be a real star. He's always had natural timing as a rebounder and rim-protector, but now his offensive arsenal is starting to develop, making him a true two-way headache for opponents. That being said, Archer's defensive presence is at a really high level, but he could easily be the best long-term prospect from this event.

3. 6'3 '23 Bryce Cash (Team Loaded)

The strong, athletic wing/forward prospect has been one of the more intriguing players to come through our doors. We saw him at camp in October, but his motor and overall intensity have both noticeably improved since then. Cash was able to get wherever he wanted on the floor, through use of his size and solid ball-handling skills. However, his dominance as a rebounder and defender is what stood out to us. Cash arguably showcased the most versatility of anyone in this division and could be a special type of prospect.

4. 6'3 '23 Marcus Brown (Team CP3)

Though the backcourt for Team CP3 receives most of the attention and notoriety, there's a legitimate case to be made for Brown as the best all-around prospect of the group. He possesses an incredible blend of skill and physical tools, which allows him to consistently affect all facets of the game. Brown is extremely versatile on both ends of the floor and has an exceptional overall feel for the game. He has all the necessary tools to become a dominant type of prospect.

5. 5'8 '23 Kayne Nelson (York County Legends)

The final spot on this list goes to the best performance, which was from Nelson of York County Legends. He effortlessly scored the ball at all three levels and led his team on both ends of the floor throughout the event. Nelson is crafty with the ball in his hands and understands how to reliably generate offense for himself and others. He plays hard, smart, and has no real weaknesses in his skillset, certainly making him one to watch progress.

Miles Masercola’s Top 5

1. 5’10 2023 Aden Holloway: Team CP3

Holloway is one of the smoothest young guards I’ve seen in a long time. He never forces the issue, he lets the game come to him and is extremely efficient with his touches in both the half court and transition. He can make any shot on the court, but isn’t a high volume scoring guard, he capitalizes on his opportunities while getting other guys involved. A really special talent.

2. 5’11 2023 Jaylen Curry: Team CP3

Curry is an electric combo guard that plays the game with a serious flare, always looking to make the next big play. He plays the game at a high pace, doing a great job pushing the ball in transition and making plays for himself or others. He scores it from all three levels and should step in immediately at the high school level and have a positive impact.

3. 6’7 2023 Addison Archer: Asheville Game Changers

Archer was a really impressive young big with his high energy, particularly on the defensive end. He does a great job protecting the rim, and closing possessions with strong rebounding to go with the potential of a smooth 3 level scorer. He might have the highest upside of anybody at the event this weekend.

4. 6’4 2023 Keyshawn Adams: 1Carolina

Adams is a really intriguing wing prospect with excellent shooting mechanics, particularly on the mid-range jumper. As he continues to grow into his body and develop a better understanding of the game over the next few years, expect him to step onto a high school court sooner rather than later, and make an immediate impact on the floor.

5. 6’3 2023 Athan Gill: Asheville Game Changers

Gill had a really impressive weekend, showcasing his abilities as an above the rim wing with the ability to make momentum shifting plays over the course of the game. He showed that he can be a reliable perimeter shooter in spots and like Adams, as he starts to learn the game more, he will only be a more productive young player than his currently. Definitely a fun kid to watch.