Phenom Hoop Report was on deck all day to check out the next young, upcoming talent from around the area this weekend at the Queen City Middle School Showcase. The players didn't disappoint at all, as players and teams displayed some intriguing talent that will be names national scouts are talking about in the upcoming years. Our scouts wanted to recap an amazing, loaded event with names that caught their eye, listing their Top-5 players they saw in each division. We continue with the 13U division, as our own Jeff Bendel was on deck for much of the day watching these players. Here are the players that stood out in Charlotte last weekend at the Queen City Middle School Showcase.

  1. 6'0 '24 Evan Carter (Carolina Pressure)

Carter was arguably the top overall performer in this age division. He led his team to the championship and did so in dominant fashion, imposing his will unto every opponent in his path. Carter plays with an exceptional motor and fights for every available rebound, which resulted in an abundance of putbacks and second-chance opportunities. He'll be one to watch physically develop, as he already possesses the right mentality to be successful.

  1. 5'8 '24 DJ Boyce (Charlotte Dragons)

The Charlotte Dragons were a tough team with talent at every position, which certainly includes Boyce and his well-rounded skillset. He possesses great physical tools, from length to athleticism, but his overall skill level is what stood out to us over the weekend. Boyce showed the ability to score from all levels while consistently attacking the basket and defending with purpose on the other end.

  1. 5'11 '24 Tyler Showalter (Charlotte Dragons)

Showalter was arguably the most polished all-around player in this age group, given his ability to pass, dribble, and generate offense from anywhere on the floor. He possesses great size for a backcourt player and should continue to be a great contributor, especially if he begins to add physical strength.

  1. 5'10 '24 Ghjaleb Wilson (1Carolina)

The 1Carolina squad was somewhat short-handed this past weekend, but Wilson was willing and ready to step up and produce. He's big, strong, and welcomes physical play on both ends of the floor. Wilson rebounded the ball exceptionally well and was among the leading scorers for his team. He utilized his size and motor on every possession to overwhelm opponents, which consistently yielded great results.

  1. 5'2 '24 JaQai Carter (Charlotte Dragons)

The lone true point guard in this list is Carter, a small but feisty floor general that knows how to make his presence felt on both ends of the floor. He leads by example and plays with great IQ, especially when looking to set up others and execute the offense. Carter is a capable shooter and scorer, but his main focus was to get everyone else involved. His ability to break down opponents was fascinating to watch.