Player: Chase Mckey
Height: 6’9
School: The Skill Factory
Offers: Old Dominion, Winthrop

At the Phenom LIVE event, we got a chance to watch 2021 Chase Mckey who is a 6’9 versatile prospect on the court.  He captured our attention with his blend of handles, ability to play and defend multiple positions, and scored in an array of ways.  Mckey has the size to be effective down around the paint but also has the skillset to step outside and put it on the floor, using his size against smaller defenders.  And with that ability, it was a little surprising that more schools haven’t offered yet, especially with the room for development more with his game.  Mckey is one to really start looking at more and college coaches could certainly see this young man create mismatches on the court and continue to develop his game.

Coach’s Thoughts (Rob Johnson – The Skill Factory):

“He is the son of NBA player Derrick McKey. 6’9 with an exceptional handle for his size and okay making ability. Can play 5 positions on offense. Ben Simmons type skillset. Also, a good level athlete. High IQ and probably the highest ceiling in the program. Elite wing defender as well”