In a new feature that we are looking to provide at Phenom Hoops, we are bringing our followers the new “Phenom Player’s Blog,” as we discuss some of the latest topics with players around the country.  They provide their back story, their thoughts, and we get to know a little bit more about them overall.

First up, we have 2021 guard Breon Pass who is a star football and basketball player at Reidsville high school. 

Coming into this season, what was your mindset and focus for yourself and for your team? 

Coming into the season this year I was locked in and focused on a lot of goals. The main goals that I had in mind were winning the conference regular-season title, taking back the district championship and winning the conference tournament championship, something that we have not accomplished in a long time. As a team, we accomplished all of the goals that were placed on the table. The big goal that we all were focused on was winning the state championship because we know we were capable of achieving it. I had a lot of personal goals as well but during the season, those goals were not in my mind.

Only a junior, you bring a leadership role to Reidsville.  How do you take that on your shoulders and step up when called upon?  How has that made you better both on and off the court?

Taking a leadership role is a big role for me. I love all of my teammates like brothers and dealing with them can sometimes be a hard task. They look at me as a leader and I have to make sure that I stay on task before I try to lead them. These past few years, I have had to take a big role and I think it has made me a better person in general. I look at things way different now and I have grown over the years.

You helped Reidsville to a 26-3 overall record and a deep run into the playoffs.  In your words, how proud are you of your team and your season as a player?

This season to me has probably been the best season. We, as a team, have been through a lot and it was not easy. Losing our head coach before the summer ball was very rough for us. We all were down in a hole for a couple of months not knowing what to do, but we know what we had to do and who we had to do it for because coach (My Dad) would not want us all to quit. He had a lot of things planned out for us in the future and we are on the road to achieving the goals that he has set for us. Last year, we had a record of 20-10 and we were a very young team. We had a lot of returners this year and improved that record to 26-3 this year. We turned the whole state around this year and we made sure that the state knew that Reidsville basketball was back in business. We sold out many games where there would be lines outside 2 hours before tip-off and even had a lot of support from the city and even more. We all trusted the process and we are just getting started.

You averaged 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists this year.  You played with a target on your back, where opponents came in looking to slow your game down.  How did you take that and what was it like for you to have that on your back all the time? 

I knew going into every game that people wanted to prove a point to me that they were better than me. I did not entertain it at all because I know that I had business that had to be taken care of first. It can be a lot of pressure to have the ball in your hands at all times but my teammates and coaches trusted me, so that boosted my confidence up a lot.

How would you best describe your game on the floor and how you can make an impact?

I would describe my game as a certified bucket getter. I show up in big games and never hide from competition. I always have a lot of energy on the court. I am very athletic and I can shoot it deep and I also take pride on defense. I can make an impact because I can control the game and be a game-changer.

Everyone heard about your 50-point game vs. Salisbury.  I wanted to take a stroll back to memory lane.  What do you remember from that game and was that the best game you have ever played?

That game was the best game that I have ever played. Before I stepped foot on the court I just remember praying and asking God to let me be able to show everybody what I could do and that is what he did for me. During the game, I would look over to our bench and I would see my dad in the shadow of Coach Ross and that just kept me going throughout the game. We were down a lot at halftime and I just kept repeating to myself that “we are not losing this game.”

I just had that Mamba mentality and I knew I had to take over the game. My teammates were outstanding that game and they knew that I was on fire, so they kept feeding me the ball and I was able to make something happen with the rock in my hands. When the final buzzer went off, I just couldn’t believe that I really just put on a show and scored 50 points. All I could do after the game was to thank God and sit down and enjoy the moment.

Not only a star basketball player, but you also get it done on the football field.  What is it like to balance being a two-sport athlete and one that finds success on both the field and court?

It can be very challenging at some moments because you have to find time to put in the work for both sports. Just give all the glory to God for blessing me with the ability to be good in two sports because not everybody can have this blessing.

How does playing football help you on the basketball court and how does playing basketball help on the football field for you?

It actually helps out a lot. Footwork, speed, hand-eye coordination, hands… you can really see how it works out in both sports during a game because I show it a lot.

Do you have a preference of which sport you like to play?  Or did you grow up liking one over the other or anything?  What sport did you like playing first as a kid?

Basketball runs deep in the Pass family. My sister played 4 years of high school basketball and my dad played basketball overseas and had a successful basketball career. Unfortunately, my mom did not play basketball but she was a cheerleader and I think that is where I got my jumping abilities from. Basketball has always been the key to my heart then freshman year while I got moved up to varsity for football. I ran back a kick return during the first round of playoffs and that’s when everything changed and the story goes on from there. Basketball will also be my No. 1 but whatever Gods plans for me, then I will follow it. Football or Basketball? Who knows.

As a player that holds offers for both football and basketball, how do you look at college programs that have offered in one sport?  What do you look for or listen for when talking to college programs for either sport?

I love the opportunities that the coaches of the colleges have given me. What I look for out of a college are relationships and love. I want to make sure that I make the right decision and that I am treated like family when I commit to a college someday.

Do you have any plans or wants of playing both sports at the next level?

That question is up in the air right now. I know that I can do it but it is going to be very challenging.

How has your recruitment been going overall? 

The recruiting process has been very good for me. Basketball coaches have been in contact more and it is starting to pick up. Football has been the same. I planned to visit multiple schools for both sports but due to the COVID-19, I had to cancel the visits.

What have college coaches been saying about you and your game on the football field? What are they liking about your game and are seeing in you?

The coaches say that I am a very special athlete. I can jump and go get to the ball. They also like how fast I am and how I can make my routes very crisp. All the coaches that I have been in contact with see a big future in me.

What about college programs that have offered just in basketball?

Both are HBCUs that have offered me. I have a lot of love for HBCU colleges. It is a very different atmosphere than regular colleges and I love it. Both are very good programs coached by great coaches.

With your overall recruitment, have any schools really been standing out in your eyes, whether it is for basketball or football or both? 

I have been sitting down and talking with my mom and sister about different options.  We have looked at schools for basketball and football. We have looked at the rosters and how the program is as a whole and do the schools have my major as well.

You have found so much success as an athlete and you have worked incredibly hard for it.  What keeps on pushing you to work hard and become better?

Well, once my dad passed away, I wanted to quit everything. I did not have anything else inside of me, but somewhere in my head, I found some motivation to keep going and I started to get very close with God, my family, and friends and now look where I am now. I always talk to my Pops. I can’t see him physically but I know that he is there as my guardian angel. I push myself every day to not get outworked by the next man and I know all the sweat, tears, and pain will pay off one day.

One other thing that keeps me going is my sister and mom. They are my rocks and they have been with me through everything and all we got is each other at the end of the day. We are very close and we talk about a lot of stuff. Seeing both of them smile every day keeps me going because I know they are okay and good to keep going on with life. I have my moments some days but I always get through them with God right beside me. At 16, my story is just getting started.

Sideline Report: Getting to know the player

  • What is your favorite activity outside of sports? Hanging out with friends, play the Ps4, workout
  • In your free time, what do you like to do? Spend time with family & friends and play the Ps4
  • What is your favorite food? Pizza and BBQ Wings
  • Favorite Movie or TV show? Friday 1, 2, and 3
  • If you weren’t playing football and basketball, what other sport would you be looking to play? It would definitely be playing baseball. I gave baseball up in 8th grade because I knew it would be too much for me once I reached high school