Player: Daniel Macgregor
Class: 2024
Height: 6’1
AAU: Florida Rebels

Phenom Hoops’ Patrick O’Brien went out to San Diego, California to check out the talent at the Phenom America National Camp, a camp that brought talent from around the country all under one building.  A terrific and eye-opening event, we had a chance to watch several intriguing and new players on the floor and one player that caught my eyes is 2024 6’1 Daniel Macgregor from Florida.

When watching his game, Macgregor impressed with his toughness and ability to make plays on the court.  He was shifty with the ball in his hands, was able to get downhill and finish through contact, picked his spots to knock down shots, but also found his teammates well.  Macgregor plays with a strong feel and understands how to score the ball very well in an array of ways.  It was easy to see why schools are looking his way, as he holds an offer from Stetson already and others are looking his way.  We spoke to Macgregor more about his game and all the latest and here is what he had to say.

Phenom: How was your experience at the Phenom America camp?
Macgregor: The experience at the Phenom Camp was fantastic. It was so much fun and I learned a lot from it.  The Phenom America camp made me think differently about many schools and different divisions and it helped me learn my weaknesses and my strengths.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game?
Macgregor: Winner! Whatever it takes to win.

Phenom: How do you like to operate offensively? What do you look for and how do you like to attack?
Macgregor: I like to get downhill and put pressure on the defense to decide if they are going to stop penetration or leave the shooters open. I look to facilitate for my teammates and then the defense must decide to either stop me from getting to the rim or stop the lone shooters that will be open.

Phenom: What areas are you looking to improve on more heading into the season?
Macgregor: I’m looking forward to improving my 3-point shot and assists to turnover ratio.

Phenom: How did this summer go overall for you?
Macgregor: I played for the Florida Rebels EYBL 16u and it went great.

Phenom: What is your recruitment been like?
Macgregor: Recruitment has been going very smoothly. Stetson offered and some bigger schools have reached out to see me play this year in high school.

Phenom: What did Stetson have to say when they offered and what stands out to you about them?
Macgregor: The head coach called me and offered me, said he loved my story and loves my game, and I really could help their program.  I love the way they play, and I love where they are located.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest your way?
Macgregor: These schools have contacted me: Appalachian State, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Yale, North Florida, Cal State Fullerton, LSU, Longwood, Northern Iowa, and Tulsa. Furman called me after the EYBL and wants me to come for a visit soon.  I had a zoom call with Yale’s head coach, and he really loves my game.