Aveyon Jordan  6’1 160 2024  Churchland High School, Portsmouth VA 

Aveyon is one of the most athletically gifted and most creative playmakers in Virginia’s 2024 class.  With his skillful use of crossovers, inside out dribbles, step-backs, and a wide array of breakdown dribble moves coupled with great body control, quickness, and strong scoring instincts he renders even the best of defenders helpless trying to contain him.  

In addition to his impressive offensive skill set Aveyon is one of the most active and hardest working players both in practice settings and in-game activity where he is a game-changer on both ends of the floor.  He plays with endless energy and his combination of quickness and physicality, his toughness allows him to bring a great deal of versatility both offensively and defensively.   He has obviously worked hard on his game.  His use of jabs and shot fakes, timely hesitations, and his ability to play at varying speeds demonstrates his advanced skill and understanding.  He does a great job selling a dribble move and using his dribble to get by his man or to set up a counter to break a defender down or create separation for the jumper.  His step-back dribble move and sidestep has been a great move for him to create separation for the jumper.  

Aveyon is a very good shooter and scores on the move nicely.  Displays textbook shot mechanics and shows comfort and consistency using runners and shooting off dribble pull-ups.  He has the ability to contort his body while slicing through the lane to finish around length and the upper body strength to endure contact and finish.  He is a fantastic finisher, shows quickness and comfort going left or right, is creative, and has a great touch!  He is a threat as a passer while on the move as well and demonstrates vision and very good passing skills.  Aveyon likes to stay on the attack and is especially scary in space or in the open floor where he can lead the break with his savvy court leadership or finish the break with his creativity and multi-level scoring ability.  His energy, his ball-hawking defensive style just makes him that much more exciting a prospect.  Aveyon defends multiple positions effectively and also rebounds the basketball well.  I’m so impressed with how much energy he is willing to exert on the defensive end of the floor for someone whose team already looks to him to handle much of the offensive burden.  

Aveyon just loves to compete and his passion is demonstrated in his effort.  Given his tireless work ethic, his elite athleticism, and mental and physical makeup I have no doubt but that he will be one of the most impactful high school players in the state and set himself up nicely for opportunities at the next level.