It is finally here.  The AAU season kicks off in style with Phenom Hoops, as we head to Greensboro to open the season with the Phenom Opening. Players of all ages will come to North Carolina in hopes to compete and start the season off.

This will be a CAN’T MISS EVENT, as we may have never started off the season with this much talent on so many levels.  That is why we are hoping to get everyone excited as much as we are.  Get to the event early, as we expect this event to be a packed house.

To start the buzz around the Phenom Opening, Phenom Hoops is providing a small preview of players to watch for at the event.  Check out the names below.

Team: Team Loaded 704 (McCullough) 15U

Robert “Tre” McCullough III
Class: 2022 Position: PG height: 5’8”

Coaches Talk: Tre is a point guard with a high basketball IQ. He’s a floor general offensively and a scrappy lockdown defender. He takes care of the ball and will knock down the open shot.

Davion Cunningham
Class:2022 Position: PG/SG Height: 6’0”

Coaches Talk: Davion is a complete two-way player with a high motor. He has the ability to score at all 3 levels. His athleticism and IQ allow him to excel in offensive and defensive transition.

Cameron “Cam” Goodwin
Class: 2022 Position: SG/SF Height:6’2”

Coaches Talk: Cam is a fundamental SG/SF. He can score at all 3 levels and will knock down the open shot, however, specializes in the mid-range game. Open mid-range or with a defender on him, it’s likely a bucket.

Zachary “Zach” Liner
Class: 2021 Position: SF Height: 6’2”

Coaches Talk: Zach does all the valuable things that don’t necessarily fill the stat sheet. His length and athleticism allow him to play positions 2-5 and guard 1-5. He’s always in the right position and is very effective with anticipating and jumping the passing lanes in defensive transition.

Antoine Piper
Class: 2022 Position: SF/PF Height: 6’3”

Coaches Talk: Antoine is the ultimate competitor. He can score at all 3 levels offensively, however, anything around the rim is a guaranteed bucket. He can play and defend positions 2-5. He’s a huge mismatch for many PFs and Centers.