It is finally here.  The AAU season kicks off in style with Phenom Hoops, as we head to Greensboro to open the season with the Phenom Opening. Players of all ages will come to North Carolina in hopes to compete and start the season off.

This will be a CAN’T MISS EVENT, as we may have never started off the season with this much talent on so many levels.  That is why we are hoping to get everyone excited as much as we are.  Get to the event early, as we expect this event to be a packed house.

To start the buzz around the Phenom Opening, Phenom Hoops is providing a small preview of players to watch for at the event.  Check out the names below.

Team: Team Charlotte 16u

#0 Jalen Hood-Schifino 6’4 2022:

Coaches Talk: Everything you hear about him pertaining to the hype, believe it. He is as good as advertised. The sky is the limit for this young man.

Phenom Hoops said: We have written extensively about his upside and potential, however his poise, maturity, and mannerisms on and off the court are even more important. First of all, Jalen is a consummate teammate and point guard. While he is truly physically gifted with his high basketball IQ, excellent ball handling and tremendous court vision, he is one of the most unique players for his age in quite some time. Yes, there are plenty of players that may be more athletic and talented, but when you put the total package together, it’s hard to find a better young man on and off the court.

#4 Bryce Alfino 6’4 2021:

Coaches Talk: Ultimate glue guy. He can guard every position, he can play every position. Scores at all three levels at a high clip.

Phenom Hoops said: Talk about the ultimate glue guy, Alfino does everything well. He has great size, he defends the 1-3, he can act as a secondary ball handler, and he shot the ball well. Very much a winning player who makes winning plays on both ends. Look for a bit Summer from him and he will catch college coaches’ eyes immediately after they first see him. (NC Top 80 2019)

#1 Tony Waters 5’11 2021:

Coaches Talk: When you think of “Team Charlotte”, it is a certain grit/mold that we ask our players to fill. Tony is a Team Charlotte kid.

Phenom Hoops said: Waters plays with a lot of passion and intensity on both ends of the floor. He scores efficiently from all three levels and understands his role extremely well with this team. Waters plays with a chip on his shoulder and it’s quite evident on defense, where he does an excellent job of mirroring his assignment and eliminating space to operate.

#23 Nate Brafford 6’8 2021:

Coaches Talk: His skill set is top tier. Wiry frame with sneaky athleticism. 3 level scorer#30 Bryson Nesbit 6’6 2021: Most intriguing prospect on this years team. Crafty skill set, will have a breakout summer.

Phenom Hoops said: Brafford is long, has great size and is very skilled. He had multiple grab and go rebounds, as he pushed the break with a good handle. Now he needs strength and maybe a year away, but the tools are clearly there. Standing at 6’8”, he has a smooth stroke with 3-point range. He handles the ball well and can initiate offense from multiple spots. Watch Brafford closely, he is one who could all of a sudden pop out of nowhere to become a fast-rising prospect. Check in now and keep tabs, big upside here. (NC Top 80 2019)