Phenom Opening Session I
Proehlific Park
Court 3

6'2 2019 Logan Ammons Carolina Thunder
Great shooter. Elbow in, backspin, follow through. Has nice range on his shot as well. Also good at pump faking and getting a shot closer in due to his long-range shooting ability. Nice jab series in the half court. Moves well without the ball and runs the floor well.

6'1 2019 Ron Rogers Greensboro Warriors 17U
Though he plays on the perimeter, he does not settle for the 3 point shot. If it is available, then he will take it. Get's down hill with more North/South action. Get's to the free throw line frequently. Strong ball handler . Seems to identify what needs to happen before he crosses mid-court. Great basketball instincts.

5'8 2021 Tyreik Leach Team Winston 15U
Height is not a limitation. Strong with the ball, quick and explosive . He can get to the basket in a split second. His football like build helps him to absorb physical contact. Goes to the line several times during a game, if not getting an and one.

6'2 2021 Rohahn Petiote Team Loaded 704
He is currently just a Freshman in High School and still learning the game, but he has a bright future ahead of him. When you are a good shooter like this young man, it's easier to add other aspects of the game that are necessary. Fabulous shooter but does what the team needs him to do whether it is scoring, rebounding, or passing the ball.

5'10 2021Breon Pass Team CP3 15U
A feathery touch from anywhere on the floor. Always waits for the right time to shoot the ball. Plays within himself and doesn't force anything. Makes the extra pass , gets to the right spots on the floor, and has a great attitude.

5'8 2019 Johnson Team CP3
This guy is fun to watch. As tough as they come. Scores in bunches in several different ways. Changes direction as smoothly as a joystick. Really good ball handler that can go left or right with the with confidence and velocity. Not sure if there was anything he did not do today.

6'3 2019 Quest Aldridge Team Winston 17U
Plays the game almost effortlessly. Wirey point guard that is not afraid to slash. If the defense was in position to stop him from getting all the way to the basket, he would come to a jump stop and pull up or kick it to an open man. Nice control of the basketball on the handle.

6'2 2019 Malik Bryant Fort Mill Knicks
My big surprise of the day goes to this young man. When this guy hit the floor for the last game, he meant business. At times there are drop offs for final games, but not with this guy. Whether you want him to shoot it, pass it, or slam it, he can give you what you want in all of those categories. Outside of his super athleticism and skill set, he had the ball on a string as well.