The day was coming to an end but that just mean that champions needed to be crowned, as Team Loaded NC 2026 Southern went up against Carolina Legend 2026.  Both teams came out firing, with Loaded knocking down shots from three while Legend looked to get several players involved. The hot shooting helped Team Loaded to a 31-18 halftime lead and they didn't slow down in the second half.  Bradley Floyd, Dylan Bradley, Qua'mell Scott all got involved in the action and led the charge, while Ramir Goins came alive in the second half for Carolina Legend, while Nathan Jones continued to knock down shots.  In the end though, there was just too much with Team Loaded NC 2026, as they were able to secure the 75-58 victory and the 14u division championship.

Final: Team Loaded NC 2026 Southern 75 ' Carolina Legend 2026 58

Loaded: Bradley Floyd 21, Dylan Bradley 19, Kendall Southern 14
Carolina: Ramir Goins 13, Nathan Jones 15

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