Phenom Hoops traveled to Fort Mill recently to check in on the Absolute Basketball Fall League, giving fans an early look at players and teams around the Charlotte area.  Teams came out and looked to compete, which they did, leaving it all on the court.  It also gave us and fans a chance to view players more with their high school teammates, as we break down what we saw at the event.

We got a great look at what Lincoln Charter will be working with this year, as this is a program that is coming off a 27-3 overall record and 12-0 conference record.  They return many of the same names, as they hope to have another tremendous season ahead. Let’s dive into the roster.

Sam Cogan

2022 Sam Cogan
Cogan was the leading scorer last year for this team, filling up the stat sheet with 18.5 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game.  He will be yet again one of the go-to scorers for this team and should lead the team again in scoring, but he will continue to have help around him.  Cogan though plays with a smooth feel, high IQ, and one that can score on multiple levels.

2022 Marcus Farley
A new addition to the program, Farley brings another weapon to the floor and one that can help Cogan with scoring.  Farley brings a nice athletic piece that works well out in transition, finishing strong at the rim, getting downhill, and pushing the ball.  A blend of athleticism and quickness helps him keep defenses on their heels, but also can knock down shots from outside.

2023 Elijah Burnette
Burnette is one to really watch, as he could take another step after his freshman season.  He is a long, wiry guard that can really impact the game in multiple ways.  He uses his length to his advantage, whether it is scoring or rebounding, but also a guard that plays with an unselfish feel, good handles, and sees the floor well.  Burnette will be one that will certainly help initiate the offense for Lincoln Charter.

2021 Troy Fulton
What can you label Fulton other than a shooter?  I mean, this young man is coming off a season in which he hit 129 3-pointers, shooting 58 percent from behind the arc; it’s what he does.  Fulton averaged nearly 15 points per game and should be trouble again with his ability to stretch defenses.

2021 Carter Seitz
Seitz brings a bigger frame at 6’5 for this team, which should really help his team be a piece down low in the paint and being active.  He rebounds the ball well while also being able to step out and stretch the floor.  Seitz though will be a big help down low in the paint.

2023 Palmer Chitchton
A rising sophomore is one that provides another shooter and one that hustles on the court.  He plays defense and is a coaches’ dream as he just does what is needed on the floor.  The coaching staff seems high on this young man, as he could be one to really watch make a name for himself down the road.

2021 Elijah Fowler
Fowler is a 6’3, long prospect that will be able to help in several areas.  He hustles, plays with a good motor, and is a scrappy player. 

2021 Avery Borden
Borden comes from North Meck and can play 1-4.  He is a guard that can help defend.

Again, this is just from what we saw at the event and more names could pop up as the season comes upon us.