Phenom Hoops went out on a late Friday night to check in on another fall league, getting a chance to watch the talent that will once again be on display during the high school season.  We take a look at the players we saw, making notes of what each team could potentially look like once the season starts. 

This time around, we take a look at the potential roster for United Faith.

Xavier McKelvy

2021 LJ Johnson: Long prospect that runs the floor and finds space, getting to his spots and knocking down shots or getting to the rim.  He also provides a vocal leadership for this program, along with a good motor to the court.  Johnson is a play-making type player for this team, whether it is scoring or passing.

2023 Lance Gill: Still a young prospect but a 6’3 wing type prospect that has a natural feel for the game.  He uses his length to his advantage on both ends, and can play multiple positions on the court.  Just has a natural smooth feel to his game.

2022 Xavier McKelvy: McKelvy will immediately be able to bring a scoring presence to this team, as he brings that physical mentality to the court, attacks the rim, and works well in transition.  He will also bring experience and leadership to the table as well.

2022 Marcus Willis: Quick guard that uses his speed in transition and in the half-court, looking to effectively put pressure on defenses, attack the paint, and distribute to his teammates, finding them in the right spots.  Also liked the energy that he provided on defense.

2021 Quinton Scheuermann: Scheuermann brings size and help to man the middle of the paint.  He shows a good presence in his ability to post downlow and give an avenue to his teammates, along with a strong feel around the rim.  He will certainly will be a key piece on the boards and giving United Faith a true presence in the paint.

Players like Jaden Quick, Charlie Hester, and Zavien Dillingham will provide depth as guards, while 2024 6’5 Bryson Cokley provides versatility even at a young age.  Cokley is a young piece to keep an eye on with an early blend of size and perimeter game.