Phenom Hoops traveled to Fort Mill recently to check in on the Absolute Basketball Fall League, giving fans an early look at players and teams around the Charlotte area.  Teams came out and looked to compete, which they did, leaving it all on the court.  It also gave us and fans a chance to view players more with their high school teammates, as we break down what we saw at the event.

One team that should have the attention of many and certainly did at the fall league, Ardrey Kell has several pieces this season that could make this season a special one.  Let’s dive into the names we saw on the court.

2022 Elijah Gray
Gray has really seen an uptick in his recruitment and game over the last year, showing us more about how he can impact the game this summer with Team Curry.  Now, he looks to be one of the top players for Ardrey Kell, as the versatile forward continued to show his ability to score from the perimeter with great size, but also use that same size and touch inside.  Gray has a chance to really make a bigger name for himself with his versatility and is one of the focal points for this talented team.

2021 Peyton Gerald
Another versatile, long prospect that really impressed at the Fall League.  We recently wrote that he could be a real breakout type player, as we loved what we saw on the court.  Gerald understands his role but takes full advantage of what is there for him; and there should be more opportunities for him this season. He runs the floor, rebounds, blocks shots, and shows a nice feel around the rim.  He doesn’t need the spotlight to impact the game but he takes advantage of what is there and looked more aggressive on the floor.

2022 Evan Smith
Smith could be another breakout type player.  Being a critical piece in handling the offense in the past, Smith showcased his ability to be more of a scorer, which started this summer.  He has a nice blend of scoring from the floor but still being a facilitator.  Smith just has a natural feel for the game with the ball in his hands, and look for him to be more of a scoring threat this season.

2021 Knoah Carver
Carver just gives Ardrey Kell another weapon at the guard position.  He is one that can score on multiple levels, whether it is getting to the basket or knocking down shots from the perimeter.  Carver also gives Ardrey Kell another ball-handler on the court.  He was off the charts last year for Charlotte Country Day last year, averaging nearly 19 points per game and 6.2 rebounds, as he will be looking to bring that play-making ability to Ardrey Kell this season.

2023 Brandon Nelson
Nelson has continued to fill out and get stronger, as well as getting taller.  Getting needed experience last year, Nelson now has a chance to really carve out a big role for this team, continuing to show that he can be an outside threat and knock down shots.

2023 Elijah Green
Having Green as another point guard that can play significant minutes is going to be a nice luxury to have.  He continues to work on developing his game but he is certainly a playmaker for this team, as he is a tough and scrappy guard that plays with a great motor.  Green also brings an impact on the defensive end.

2022 Toni Akinyelu, 2021 Jacob German, and 2021 Kyle Hanchard all we on the court and will be names that can provide depth.  Hanchard comes from Charlotte Catholic, playing in 21 games last year, while Jacob German hopes to bounce back from being injured.  Akinyelu played in 14 games last year for Ardrey Kell as a sophomore.

More names could pop up this season as well, but this is what we saw on the court at the fall league.