Phenom Hoops traveled out to the Mooresville area to check in on an open practice at Langtree Charter Academy, as this is a program on the rise and looking to make more of a name for themselves.  Coming off a season in which they were able to record seven wins on the season, the coaching staff is looking to take the next step with a few new and young names in North Carolina. 

We dive into those players and what we saw.

Two freshmen to watch

Two of the youngest players on the team are 2024 AJ Parsley and Travelle Bryson, but both are looking to be starters and stepping up early.  Parsley and Bryson play well off each other and have been doing so for quite some time now, so they are quite familiar with each other’s game.  Parsley has more of the point guard role for this team, seeing the floor, finding his teammates on the floor, creating with the dribble, and scoring the ball effectively from the perimeter or attacking. Bryson plays with a good sense on the floor, but also has a nice and effective three-point shot to his game. Always moving on the floor for his shot, Bryson can also switch and play on the ball to initiate the offense.  Both freshmen should be ones to monitor down the road and will have ample time to earn experience on the court.

Other key players to watch

2022 Brycen Manns is a long, stretched out prospect that can really make an impact with his length on both sides of the floor. He can be a rim-protector and block shots, but also can be effective on the block or step out.  2023 Tylan Ikard is another young prospect with good size and frame, as he plays a great role for this team and puts his team first.  Big-time role player that makes smart decisions and does a little bit of everything. 

Then you have 2022 Tyler Chapin, who comes to North Carolina from Vermont.  He, unfortunately, was out with a small injury during practice but he provides this team scoring in pick and roll situations, along with creating off the dribble.  Also helps get on the boards as well and will be a new name to watch.

 2021 Jordan Garness is coming in as the leading scorer from last year, averaging 11.2 points per game, and should once again be counted on once again, especially with his leadership.  2023 Chase Carlton is another guard that plays his role and that can operate on multiple levels.  Lastly, you look at the physical bruiser in 2022 Nicholas Reece, who brings a football body but moves well, can carve out space down low, and be that physical presence.