Phenom Hoops was back on the road once again, continuing their Phenom Open Gym Tour. We checked in on Winston Salem Christian, as Coach Antonio Lowe is looking to bring a talented group to the court. A program that is relatively unknown, WS Christian immediately stands out with the amount of size they bring and skill, as they should be one of the premier teams in the state.

Let’s dive into the roster of what we saw on the court.

Quante Berry

2022 6’10 Brandon White
White is now looking to make his mark on an even bigger stage, as he has been putting in the work, crafting his game, and adjusting to the talent level as well. He still brings tremendous length and size, protecting the rim, blocking shots, and rebounding.  If you haven’t seen White, he also runs the floor well for a big as well, finishing with power at the rim.  Coach Lowe has him continuing to expand his game as well.

2022 5’9 Jarius Northam
Northam is a smaller guard but also one that can play the point guard position.  He has good handles, finds his teammates in open spots, and can attack when the opportunity is there.  Northam brings depth to the point guard position.

2022 6’4 Quante Berry
Berry is a big-time prospect and is going to be up there near the top of the class.  He is a 6’4 prospect that has elite level scoring ability but also has a great feel in reading defenders, finding openings, and weaving through traffic.  Berry excels in getting downhill and at the rim, finishing strong as well. He is going to be an absolute stud in North Carolina and quickly make a name for himself.

2024 6’7 Brayden Crump
Crump is a versatile forward but one that is only scratching the surface of what he will be down the road.  But early on, he brings another prospect with size, ability to defend inside and out, and also score inside and out.  He will be one of the better perimeter shooters for this team but you should only continue to see his game elevate the more he earns experience.

2021 6’9 Jordan Wildy
Last year, Wildy earned minutes coming off the bench and playing his role.  Now, he is an experienced veteran and has earned his minutes.  Wildy though continues to be a 6’9, long and versatile prospect that can not only maneuver in the paint and run from rim to rim, but also step out and knock down shots from the perimeter.  Also, like his ability to be disruptive and block shots with his length and bounce.

2022 6’11 Christ Essandoko
A new name to the state of North Carolina but certainly will be regarded as one of the top bigs the more he adjusts to the game.  Essandoko brings great size and plays with tremendous fundamentals, learning that from his time in France.  He is nimble on his feet, has tremendous hands, and can score on multiple levels with an impressive shooting motion but also passes the ball well as a big.

2021 6’5 TJ Reels
Reels brings another senior leader to the floor but also adds another shooter to the floor for the program.  He is one of the better three-point shooters for this team and provides depth to this team with good size.

2021 6’7 Tavis Bridges
Bridges is another veteran for Coach Lowe that understands the system and what the coaches expect from him.  He plays a tremendous role, as he can be plugged in and bring positive minutes.  He is active down in the paint, uses his length to finish at the rim, rebounds, and can block shots.  Bridges just brings another big body for Coach Lowe to throw at teams and one that has experience in the system.

2022 6’3 Rasean McMiller
McMiller wasn’t available in practice but when talking to Coach Lowe about him, he is excited to have him on his team.  McMiller gives this program another guard and ball-handler, but also an absolute dog on the defensive end; he simply brings the energy and will play a key part in locking up opponents.

2021 6’7 Daniel Nixon
Nixon is a 6’7 prospect that has a strong physical frame.  He has the ability to knock down shots from the perimeter but he has been focusing on using that frame to his advantage in getting downhill and playing through contact.  He certainly will be another scoring option on the court and can play out in transition or be that bully in the half-court.

2022 6’4 Christian Cornish
A physically strong prospect, Cornish is one that will be looked upon in getting on the boards, playing strong, and getting it done on both ends of the floor.  Cornish’s strength will create trouble for opponents and coach wants him to be aggressive on the boards and on defense.

2025 6’2 Ashton King
Even though he is one of the youngest prospects, the staff is really excited about his game.  King will see some minutes early, especially with his ability to knock down shots from the perimeter and doesn’t seem to be afraid of the spotlight.