Phenom Open Gym: Winston-Salem Christian National 

Coach Antonio Lowe has a proven track record of developing programs. Not too long ago, he put Moravian Prep on the map and they won the inaugural Hoop State Championship. Since then, Coach Lowe has moved on to Winston-Salem Christian and is building another successful program at the national level. First of all, Winston-Salem Christian is a traditional “brick and mortar” school. Contrary to popular opinion, players attend class just like any other private (NCISAA)  or public school (NCHSAA). More importantly, Coach Lowe has done an amazing job of getting his players to the next level. Now, let’s take a closer look at the star-studded Winston-Salem Christian National team. They have a unique blend of size, height, and elite-level athleticism that will put them in the conversation as a nationally ranked team and furthermore has a group of underclassmen that will elevate them into the limelight for years to come. 

6’10 2024 Kany Tchanda 

Tchanda was injured and sidelined the majority of the summer and this set him back just a tad. That being said, Tchanda is a national-level prospect that has tremendous upside and potential. Standing a lengthy 6’10, Tchanda has the ability to play either the small forward or power forward position. He has a quality skillset that allows him to dribble, pass and shoot at a high level for his size/position, not to mention he has a nice feel for the game. With a recent Providence offer, look for Tchanda stock to rise this fall and during the high school season.  He has all the physical attributes with a matching skillset that will separate him from his peers. 

7’0 2024 Chol Machot

What’s not to like about a young 7’0 footer that can step out and knock down 3-pointers with consistency? Machot has excellent shooting technique and fundamentals. His shot has a nice arch with proper backspin and rotation. Around the rim, he has good hands and tremendous footwork. While he is still somewhat thin and will need to add weight and strength, there’s no denying the tremendous upside of Machot. In addition, we were impressed with his overall feel for the game along with his ability to run the floor. 

6’9 2023 Torey Alston

Alston is one of the most improved players of the summer. He has quickly elevated his stock as a legit mid-major prospect. Alston is an energy guy that plays with a full-throttle approach to the game. He is extremely quick off the bounce and often plays above the rim, not to mention an aggressive rebounder on both ends of the court. He has excellent anticipation for securing rebounds and has a knack for being at the right place at the right time mentality. 

6’6 2024 Lewis Walker

Walker has been one of the most consistent players in the state for his class, both at the travel ball level and high school. While many pundits may question his long-term stock, one thing is crystal clear. Walker will put up big numbers no matter the setting. He simply gets the job done and production is his calling call. In addition, Walker has excellent hands and footwork and has the ability to go over either shoulder. More importantly, he is quite patient in the paint and is also a willing passer. Rarely, will you find Walker rushing or trying to manufacture points, but his patience with his scoring moves, allowing the game come to him. 

6’0 2023 TJ Cave

Cave transferred in from Canada and may just be Coach Lowe’s “X factor” this season. Sporting a strong, muscular and explosive frame, Cave is an absolute “dawg” on defense and will be in the conversation as one of the top “on the ball” defenders in the state. He has long arms and extremely quick feet and his lateral quickness is simply off the charts. While Cave will share the point guard position with Kobe George, he will bring intensity and an aggressive style of play that will make Winston-Salem Christian a national-level team. 

6’4 2024 Felipe Patino 

Another player from Canada, Patino will provide a much-needed perimeter scoring threat. Patino is a strong and lengthy 6’4 shooting guard that has tremendous footwork and shooting technique and mechanics and will be one of the state top’s pure shooters in the state. 

6’4 2024 Kobe George

George was sidelined with an ankle injury during open gym, but in speaking with Coach Antonio Lowe, he was very complimentary of the vocal leadership displayed by George in pre-season workouts and open gym. With his length and overall strength, George also has the opportunity to be an elite level defender