Phenom Hoops went down to Rock Hill to hit the gym and check out the talent at Westminster Catawba and does this program have a bright future ahead of them.  Loaded with talent on multiple levels, along with young talent that will for sure be names to remember, Westminster will be a must-see team to watch.

Check out the players that impressed during the open gym practice.

2024 6’5 Jahseem Felton

Felton has an unbelievable understanding of the game at such a young age.  He is a leader on the court, sees and understands defenses, and has an understanding of where his teammates are on the court.  Felton plays with his head up and has tremendous vision on the court, highly underrated.  But he also has that takeover mentality, getting a bucket on all three levels when needed.

2022 5’10 Will Jenkins

Jenkins was fun to watch on both ends of the floor.  He is a quick guard that has a tremendous motor, brings defensive energy, and understands how to not only initiate the offense but create for himself.  His quick handles and change of direction allow him to create openings for himself.  Loved his speed on the court and used that to his advantage.

2022 6’4 MJ Collins

In his first season heading into Westminster Catawba, Collins has a chance to really be the leader of this group.  The combo guard has the knowledge and good size to create for himself but also lead the offense, especially with his unselfishness on the court. 

2021 6’8 AJ Hamrick

Hamrick earned his first offer from Army and we think more will be taking a look his way.  We are talking about a 6’8 versatile forward that can put the ball on the floor, attack from the perimeter or in transition, and knockdown with his mid-range and 3-point shot.  Hamrick has a tremendous wingspan that also helps him in being a defensive presence.  With his ability to post up, face the basket, and attack bigs with his quickness but also step out and show range; it was impressive.

2022 6’2 Dorien Johnson

Johnson knows his role and really stepped up when the opportunity was there.  He was able to get to his spot, knock down multiple shots with range, but also showed the ability to create for himself if needed.  Johnson was extremely productive and was not afraid of the moment.  He will be a great player that understands his role.

2024 6’5 Nick Hamrick

The younger brother of AJ, Hamrick has a lot of the same characteristics but just a younger version of his older brother.  Slender, wiry frame that showed the ability to step out but also use his length to his advantage on both ends.  Nick just will need some time to get a full understanding of the game, getting the little details down, and what he can really do on the court.  Definitely one to watch.

2021 6’5 Lucas Heckaman

A rising senior, Heckaman is a wing prospect that really made his mark in the open gym with his smooth shot from the perimeter (knocking down multiple 3’s with ease) and also showing his bounce when he attacked the rim.  He understands his game and understand where he can excel; schools should start keeping an eye on this senior.

2023 6’8 Jamih Springer

The younger brother of Jaden Springer, Jamih is a big center that mans the floor but is still developing his overall game.  He has big hands and can battle on the boards, while also showing off touch around the rim.  It is just the start for him but certainly one that has intrigue the more he develops.