The tour around the state of North Carolina continues, as Phenom Hoops is checking out all the talent across the state.  One program that we were eager to learn more about was Word of God and it looks like the Holy Rams are going to be a must-see for many.  Talent on top of talent was on the floor during their first practice and they will for sure will be the talk around the area.

When you look at the roster, there is talent everywhere you look.  One could start looking at Word of God with their new addition to the state of North Carolina, 2023 Brandon Gardner.  Talk about a freak athlete with size, as Gardner is going to bring a big presence down low, on the boards, and with his mobility, he can operate from multiple levels. Continuing to look at the class of 2023, Jak’won Moore is going to be a hot name with his grown frame, power, and athleticism; he has also improved his overall offensive skillset.

2023 Freddie Dilione is back for another season and has only gotten stronger overall.  The wing-type prospect has such a smooth and natural feel on the floor but still continues to be a player that produces from all three levels as well as impacts the floor defensively. 2022 Po’Boigh King is an x-factor for this team, especially with his ability to stretch the floor with his three-point shooting, as he can get hot in a HURRY.  Speaking of an x-factor, we have two other prospects to look at.  2023 Truman Claytor is a big-frame prospect that has such a tremendous blend of inside and outside capability.  He hustles, he can play multiple positions and produce on both ends. 2022 Mike Best is another, as the point guard could see his recruitment pick up with his ability to get others involved as well as be a playmaker.  

Outside of Gardner, make sure you look out for 2024 6’9 Zion Gardner who is more of a true big that carries the size and is able to position himself in the paint with touch.

Word of God will have depth as well from players.  2023 Dylan Purnell is a long 6’6 wing that uses it to his advantage and showcases his pull-up game.  2023 As’ad Pompey is a quick, shifty guard that can create well for others.  2024 Jamal Brown is one to be aware of also, especially with his hustle, his motor, and his athleticism; he can put a few opponents on a poster. And lastly, 2025 Trevor Best, the younger brother of Mike, is a dynamic scorer at a young age and will help this program even as a freshman.

Overall, this is a team that will be worth the money of attendance and college coaches will certainly be swarming the program with the array of talent they have.