Phenom Hoops continues to make it a point to check out teams around the region, as we had a busy Thursday afternoon on the road.  One stop we made was also Porter Ridge high school, as the Pirates are looking to replace a senior-led team from last year with a few new names and players looking to step up.  Let us dive into the roster a little bit more.

When you talk about leaders for this team, you first have to start with 2022 Isaiah Williams who is coming off a terrific season in averaging 15 points and eight rebounds per game.  Williams brings a reliable defensive presence with his size and versatility, but also plays with a tremendous IQ and with toughness, finishing well at the rim but also stepping out and scoring in a variety of ways. Also have to look at seniors like 2022 CJ Anthony, a prospect that can fill up the stat sheet, contributes in an array of ways, and excels in attacking the basket. 

2022 Aaron Hough is a strong guard that can help on the defensive end but also showcase his ability to knock down shots.  2022 Greg Wenger is another to watch for this team, as he really can create opportunities in stretching the floor with his quick perimeter shot and really displaying his capable range.  And don’t forget 2022 Jacob Anderson as well, who has a nice feel, good handles, and can really be unselfish on the floor with his game.

As far as a few juniors to watch, really intrigued with 2023 Tristen Stitt and 2023 Kyler Harris.  Stitt is a long, mobile prospect that operates well along the perimeter, can put the ball on the deck and create for himself, and can help on the boards for this team. Harris is a smooth, emerging guard that plays with such a smooth pace and feel to the game.  His shiftiness on the floor allows him to find ways to attack and get the ball on the rim.

Porter Ridge will also rely on players like 2023 Jason Herts, 2023 Jack Fazilat, 2023 Justin Shoemaker, and 2022 Nathaniel Stout to help contribute and provide depth for this team as they look to improve on their .500 record from last season.