Phenom Hoops was in for a treat Wednesday night, as we went back out on the road to check in on another open gym.  This time, we went down the road to North Meck to check in on what the Vikings had going on this season.  They lost a few key players but if you have followed the tradition at North Meck, you know that this is still going to be a talented program… and they will be once again this year. Let us dive into the roster a little more.

Trio of guards helping lead the way
2022 Jordan Crawford will be one of the leaders for this North Meck team and watching him in action, he seems ready to showcase what he has been working on. Stronger, more athletic, and ready to showcase his full arsenal of skill, scoring in a variety of ways and defending. 2022 Davion Cunningham will be another when he is able to return to the court, as we have seen his speed and playmaking ability on the court.  2022 Maxwell Coles is the third senior guard that brings experience to the table.  Coles has put in the work and brings a terrific balance in scoring or making plays for others.  Love his work ethic and has only continued to get stronger as a player.

Watch out for the young talent
What was really impressive was the young talent that will be playing for North Meck. The first one that was extremely impressive and I will say, has a chance to be a special talent, is 2024 Isaiah Evans.  Such a spectacular scorer, uses his length to rise over defenders, and understands how to get what he wants… and he is just starting his story which is why he is going to be a name to watch in a BIG way. 2024 Christian Foy is another that impressed with his size and versatility.  He showcases good handles and can operate from multiple levels, as well as help on the boards. 2024 Trey Maxwell, the younger brother of Tristan, is coming a long way and continues to make progress in his game, as he should be another prospect that could step up and provide a scoring option.  North Meck also has 2025 Carson Evans and 2025 Greg Murray that could be names to watch.

Players stepping up where it is needed
2022 Tyree Bracey is a name that should certainly help, as he brings length and the ability to step out along the perimeter and knock down shots.  2023 Demoris Jenkins brings that physicality that teams love to have and the football player is going to bring that and more.  Jenkins should certainly help down low in the paint and on the boards.  2023 Tyrone Hardy, 2022 Jaydon Krimm, and 2022 Jason Bass will also be nice parts that will help this team in an array of ways as well as provide depth.