Coach Mike Wright and his staff have consistently fielded some of NC’s most competitive teams in recent years at Liberty Heights and this year’s team might be his best yet. Liberty Heights has set a standard when it comes to success on the court and the recruiting trail so it comes to no surprise that they were able to load up on talent once again as they feature some of The HoopState’s top prospects. Let’s take a look at this year’s roster?

7’0 2021 Jonas Aidoo

Aidoo’s ascension to arguably the top long term prospect in NC’s 2021 class has been really really fun to watch. He’s a true footer with excellent timing on the defensive end, much improved strength on the glass and a unicorn like skillset on the offensive end of the floor. Aidoo is a confident scorer from all three levels and can be used as a floor spacer or sit in the dunkers spot to collect easy jams on little dump-off passes. His improved strength with the ball allows him to be more of an inside presence on that end of the floor. He can make jump hooks over either shoulder, hit off the dribble jumpers, and is just the epitome of a mismatch on the offensive end. Jonas isn’t 18 years old yet and is still scratching the surface of what he’ll be down the road as he continues to work on his game. There’s no doubt there’s still more progression to come from Aidoo and he’ll be the focal point of this Liberty Heights squad all season long. Aidoo told me on The HoopState Hype Podcast that he expects to make a decision around January.

6’4 2021 PJ Edwards

Edwards is the kind of kid you can insert into just about any lineup due to the fact that he does so many things well. He’s an elite jump shooter, a great on ball defender, and possesses above the rim capabilities when driving to the basket. On this Liberty Heights team he’ll be asked to do a little bit of everything but I think his shooting and defense will be what helps this team win games. I look at him as a 3&D with extra wiggle, due to his fluidity when slashing and patience with the ball in his hands. Edwards possesses a strong frame and does an incredible job keeping his guy in front of him on the defensive end. He’s not going to be going for every steal and gambling all of the time, just a fundamentally sound and versatile defender that should have 10+ scholarship offers at this point. He picked up Bowling Green and FIU after the workout yesterday, expect that trend to continue for Mr.Edwards.

6’3 2022 Elijah Jamison

Jamison has spent the last few years scoring the ball at a ridiculous clip at Louisburg High School and now he’ll be tasked with a different challenge. Jamison is going to balance running this team at a high level while not forgetting his roots as a prolific volume scorer. He loves to get to his spots in the mid-range where he’s incredibly confident. He does a really good job at posting smaller guards and finishing through contact at the rim and is starting to become a more and more confident shooter from distance. There will be games where Elijah scores 30+ and games where he scores less around 10-12 points, but he’s eager to become more of a true PG and he’s in an unbelievable situation to do so. I fully expect Jamison to make considerable strides as a point guard now that he’s relied on to fulfill that role. He has all of the intangibles you’d want out of a PG. He’s a leader, a winner, he understands the team concept, and does a great job competing on every single possession at both ends of the floor. Expect Jamison to have a big year on the court, translating into more scholarship offers for the 2022 scoring machine.

6’9 2021 Isaac Farah

Farah is a unique prospect when you consider his blend of size and skill. The lefty forward can get going from beyond the arc and enter “automatic” territory when he starts to feel himself to go with nice touch over either shoulder on the block. He can handle the ball very well considering his size, creating and making jumpers off the bounce on a relatively consistent basis. As he adds strength over the course of this season and his college career, I expect him to become even more of a walking mis-match on the offensive end of the floor. He’s already going to be an incredibly tough check at the high school level, but he’s still far from his ceiling in many ways. Farah should see an uptick in his recruitment over the course of the season due to his enticing skillset. Mid-Major coaches in need of a skilled front-court piece should look no further than Isaac Farah.

6’7 2021 Terrence Johnson

Johnson played a limited role at Moravian Prep last season but he will be thrust into a much more prominent one this season at Liberty Heights. He’s a super bouncy and long wing forward that will probably play his best minutes at the 4 for this team. He’s super active and does an incredible job protecting the rim and using his lateral quickness to guard smaller guys. He’s a defensive switchblade with the ability to make momentum shifting plays at both ends of the floor. Johnson is a good corner 3 point shooter which will be valuable to his recruitment if he can hit those shots consistently this season. Johnson should play a valuable role for this team over the course of the season and high level D2s/low-major D1s should be taking notice of this young man’s ability.

6’5 2021 Tee Bryan

Bryan was one of my favorite players to watch in this workout and it didn’t have a whole lot to do with his great athleticism or high motor, it was all about how vocal he was on the floor. Bryan is the kind of heart & soul guy every single roster needs. He’s a low maintenance player that will set the tone with his energy and effort level. He’s a super explosive athlete with a ton of defensive upside due to his ability to guard 4 positions on the floor. Bryan will likely have to go the JuCo route so in-state JuCo’s should inquire with him as soon as possible before someone from outside of the state makes a move. This kid has all of the intangibles you need, is an incredibly respectful young man and the kind of kid/player you need in your program. Expect him to play a vital role for this team in every way with his leadership, defensive tenacity, and energy.

6’2 2021 Jeremy Baker

Baker is going to play a nice role for this squad due to his ability to make shots and be a secondary ball handler. He’s a strong bodied guard that does a great job bullying smaller guys at his position when the opportunity presents itself. He’s the lone returning player on this team and should be a guy that this coaching staff relies on as a leader and steadying force on the court. Baker is a no brainer college prospect and should have more and more schools interested throughout the season due to his two way play and leadership.

6’5 2021 Wale Ohonme

Ohonme will provide a blend of shooting, size, and athleticism for this Liberty Heights team, he’s a kid that will garner attention from scholarship coaches throughout the year due to his combination of size and physical gifts. I fully expect him to play a role for this team throughout the year as a versatile wing guy that can help the team in a variety of ways.  

6’5 2021 Ryan Wohlschlegel

Ryan did a really good job in the workout knocking his open shots down and providing energy for this Liberty Heights team. He’s a shooter with size and will be a guy this team will use to add some size on the wing and space the floor. Will be a really nice piece for this team over the course of the season. 

5’10 2021 Badu Griffin

Griffin will be a nice guard for this Liberty Heights team. He plays with a certain level of scrappiness that every lineup needs while also being able to provide another option at the PG spot. He can make outside shots, help run the team, and play scrappy defense. 

6’0 2021 Justin Brown

Another guard on this roster that will be a guy relied upon to bring energy and a ball handling option in the rotation. Should become better and better as he plays with this talented roster and help this team win games over the course of the season.