Phenom Hoops checked in on Wednesday morning down around the Charlotte area, as Liberty Heights and Coach Mike Wright was back in action. Now having two teams on display, both national and varsity, Phenom was able to get a glimpse of an array of talent on the court, as we break down all the players to know and watch this season.

Both teams should be fun to watch for sure and looking to make some noise in NC and nationally again.

2022 6’0 Joel Torres
Torres is a combo guard that can play both on and off the ball, has a strong feel, and one that really battles.  Has that physical presence in making plays for himself and for others.

2022 6’4 Chas Stinson
Stinson continues to fulfill that label of a do-it-all-type player.  Plays hard on both ends, uses his size well to his advantage, can create for himself as well.  Stinson is one of those players that can do a little bit of it all, fill up the stat sheet and help his team win games.

2022 6’4 Tajuan Simpkins
Tajuan, along with his brother, continues to show just how much of a freak athlete they can be on the court. High-flyers in transition, play well on and off the ball, can step out and hit shots, and also be productive and tough on the defensive end.

2022 6’8 Ezra Ausar
A new name to the state of North Carolina but one that could really flourish at Liberty. Such a strong, physical presence that excels in getting downhill, finishing through defenders, and playing bully ball. Athletic wing/forward and one that can get after it on defense also.

2022 6’7 Charles McClennahan Jr.
McClennahan is one to really watch, think he is being slept on by many. Versatile prospect that doesn’t require to be the focal point in an offense but produces with his mobility, size, activity around the basket, and on the boards.

2022 6’6 Cinque Lemon
Lemon has been a known scorer on the court and he looks even bigger and stronger heading into the season. Still sits a 6’6 with a strong frame, creates for himself, can rise over defenders with jumper, and can score on multiple levels.

2022 6’3 Eric Morgan
Morgan is a combo guard that will help the team a lot in multiple areas, whether it is running the offense, providing another ball-handler on the court, or also playing off the ball for his shot. He has a smooth release and solid on both ends of the floor.

2022 6’3 David Wilkerson
Wilkerson plays bigger than listed, as the combo guard made plays in getting to the rim as well as others. He can play multiple positions on the court, really being a playmaker but also one that knock down shots.

2022 6’4 Takai Simpkins
Like his brother above in Tajuan, Takai brings that explosive athleticism out in the open floor, uses his length on the defensive end, and can alternate on and off the ball. Good body control.

2022 6’3 Elijah Jamison
One of the leaders last year, Jamison looks to take even bigger steps in leading this team. He continues to play strong, constantly getting into the paint, and showing his threat as a scorer but also a facilitator. Should be in for another big season helping lead the charge.

2022 6’5 Ryan Prather Jr.
Another new name in North Carolina, Prather could be another to see his recruitment take off. Has a good frame to his game, can be a lethal shooter from outside, crafty ballhandler to create opportunities for himself, and competes on the defensive end.

2023 6’4 Silas Demary Jr.
Demary looks to flourish on the floor with Liberty, as he brings a tremendous blend of size, physicality, IQ, defensive mindset, and scoring capability to the court. Such a strong competitor on both sides and a playmaker on the floor.

2022 6’5 Ayden Ince
Ince was a pleasant surprise on the floor. He knocked down shots from outside, competed on the boards, made several hustle plays, and has that surprising athleticism to finish at the rim with ease.

2025 6’6 Yohan Guttierez
Start putting him down as one to get to know, because he will be up there. 6’6, long frame, and very skilled for a young prospect. Smooth release on his shot, agile, and fluid in scoring in an array of ways.

2022 6’5 Dominick Nelson
Nelson is another long and athletic prospect that finished extremely well at the rim, looking to throw it down constantly. Finished well countless times and a wing with good size and length.

2023 6’6 Kaleb Hedgepeth
Hedgepeth uses his body well to take on defenders, but also has shown the ability to put the ball on the deck, carve out space, and make those effort plays that helps a team win games.

2022 6’7 Josiah Dow
Dow is a fluid forward that has nice touch with his game and is one that can hurt you inside or out. He possesses good touch with his outside shot in stepping out but also bodies down low in the post. Solid hands and touch around the rim.

2022 6’8 Jabare Perry
Perry seems to continue to put in the work with his frame. The forward though runs well on both ends, gets on the boards, strong on the defensive end, and finishes tough in the paint. He is a strong and mobile presence down low.

2022 6’4 Jabez Worthington
Worthington was able to show that he can put it on the floor and create for himself, as well as be a versatile prospect on the floor.  Helps provide depth and size to go along with his skillset.