Phenom Open Gym Tour: Lake Norman Charter


Phenom Hoop Report travelled to Huntersville, North Carolina to watch Lake Norman Charter. First year head boys’ basketball coach Chet Korczynski has plenty to be excited about this upcoming season. Last season, Lake Norman Charter finished with a 10-13 record in the NCHSAA 2A division. Although, Lake Norman Charter lost their leading scorer Ian Martino (15.4 PPG), coach Korcynski returns 6’3 2022 Donovan Atwell (14.3 PPG), 6’1 2021 Callahan Reed (9.7 PPG), 6’4 2020 Jackson Porter (8.2 PPG), 5’10 2020 Bobby Selden (7.3 PPG), and 6’3 2021 Oliver O’Brien. The team will be older and more experienced and we expect Lake Norman Charter to challenge for the South Fork 2A conference championship. Now, let’s take a closer look at the team’s impact players.


6’3 2022 Donovan Atwell (14.3 PPG)

Shooters translate and Donovan Atwell should be in the conversation as one of the better shooters in the state for the class of 2022. The southpaw moves well without the ball and done an excellent job of “getting his work done early” on his jump shot. Atwell is terrific at getting his feet set, hands ready and steps correctly into the pass to create a picturesque jump shot. The silky-smooth shooting guard has a velvet touch and outstanding range, not to mention he is an ultra-quick leaper.


6’1 2021 Callahan Reed (9.7 PPG)

Callahan Reed is a fundamentally sound, high IQ, and crafty point guard. We’re talking about a passer friendly point guard that constantly has his head up surveying the floor in order to make the next pass. We were impressed with his ability to read and come off screens and how he often sees plays in advance. In addition, Reed is a sneaky athletic guard that anticipates loose balls and rebounds, not to mention he is fine tuned in defensive team principles.


6’3 2021 Oliver O’Brien (1.5 PPG)

Oliver O’Brien will be in a position to contribute more significantly on the offensive end of the court this coming season. O’Brien is constantly moving and has a knack of being at right place and right place. He also moves well without the ball and is good at getting out in transition. O’Brien brings that blue-collar work ethic approach to the game and just seems to do a lot of things well on the court.


6’4 2020 Jackson Porter (8.2 PPG)

Every team needs a glue guy and Jackson Porter is just that person for Lake Norman Charter. Porter plays hard on both ends of the court and just has a habit of making hustle players throughout the game. Porter will give you effort and energy and is expected to bring valuable senior leadership to the team


5’10 2020 Bobby Selden (7.3 PPG)

Bobby Selden also will be called upon to provide senior leadership and additional scoring from the perimeter. Selden has a quick release and once he gets his feet set, he is highly efficient from the perimeter