Phenom Hoop Report hit the road and headed to the state of West Virginia, checking out some fantastic talent.  Early on, Jamie Shaw and Patrick O’Brien went to Chapmanville high school, a program that has produced incredible talent and have secured two straight state titles.

Now, the seniors look to once again finish what they have started.  Phenom Hoops caught the Tigers in action for their open gym, as they will be a big-time program that will be participating in several Phenom events this season.  See what they bring in this year.

2020 Obinna Anochili-Killen:  Obinna has been highly regarded around Phenom Hoop Report and he continued to show why in the open gym.  With a tremendous blend of size, athleticism, versatility, and skill, he checks off all the boxes that high-major coaches would love.  Obinna displayed an inside/outside game, showing consistency with his outside shot but also the ability to get to the rim in one dribble or so.  He can rise up over smaller defenders but has a tremendous first step and ability to finish around the rim against bigger prospects; a complete mismatch on the floor.  He also is a tremendous difference-maker on the defensive end, as there aren’t too many prospects that will outwork him.  We still think he is underrated as a prospect, as Obinna show IQ, quickness, and the ability to impact the game in an array of ways.

2020 Andrew Shull: We saw Shull a lot this summer and he continues to develop his overall feel.  He works incredibly well in the half-court set, showing a great feel in how to initiate the offense.  Nothing really seems to speed him up and can get opponents rocking with a deadly crossover.  Shull also shows tremendous vision in finding his teammates or he can easily make defenders pay with his smooth jumper.

2020 Philip Mullins: Mullins is a coaches dream prospect and one that everyone wants to have on their team.  He is a strong defender, can initiate and handle the ball, makes all the right players, fill up the box score when called upon, and continue to be that ultimate glue guy.  He just makes winning plays and doesn’t back down from anyone on the court.  Mullins takes pride in stepping up and defending the top player, while also helping be a secondary ball-handler for Chapmanville.

2021 Hunter Jeffery: He may not be the most athletic but he plays incredibly hard, plays physical, and rebounds the ball well.  Jeffrey provides those extra opportunities for his team but also can score the ball around the rim or with a mid-range shot when called upon.  He had active hands and stood out with his extra effort on the floor.

2023 Isaiah Smith: Even though a young prospect, Smith is incredibly scrappy with his game.  He plays in your face defense, has good footwork, plays with a high IQ as a freshman, and has an incredible motor defensively.  Love the energy that he brought but also knocked down open shots when available.

2021 Isaiah Flemings, 2022 Coltan Craddock, 2022 Preston Smith, and 2023 Trey Butcher should also see the floor for Chapmanville this season, as they go for their third state championship in a row.