The 3:30 matchup on the afternoon was between Liberty Heights, who came off an hard-fought win on Friday night and Legion, who also was able to secure a tough victory late Friday.  Both were looking to go 2-0 on the weekend at the Phenom November Classic.

Liberty Heights came out strong with an early 10-0 lead before Legion called time out.  Legion got on the board but it was tough sledding for the team as Marcus Kell and Shane Blakeney were the only two scorers in the first half. Isaac Farah and Terrence Johnson played well in the first half for Liberty, combining for 13 of the 29 first-half points (led 29-17).

Second half was much of the same on both sides, as Legion just couldn’t find much on the offensive end outside those two while Liberty Heights was able to get Aidoo and Jamison involved, eventually coming away with the 15-point win.

Final: Liberty Heights 60 – Legion 45

Stat Leaders:
Liberty Heights:
Terrence Johnson 12 points
Elijah Jamison 11 points
Isaac Farah 10 points

Marcus Kell 19 points
Shane Blakeney 16 points


2021 Terrence Johnson (Liberty Heights): Johnson some times gets overlooked with the talent but this young man has intrigue with his length, his bounce, and his ability to use both on both ends of the floor. He certainly is bouncy in the open floor as he will put you on a poster but continues to expand his scoring arsenal, while also being aggressive on the boards.

2021 Isaac Farah (Liberty Heights): Farah played well in the first half, really helping his team create a double digit lead.  He is another prospect that goes under the radar but a 6’9 versatile forward, that is comfortable operating in many locations and running the floor.  He certainly should have more attention come his way.

2022 Marcus Kell (Legion): He is a 6’7 prospect that can be simply wired to score and does so on every level.  His perimeter game was working in this matchup, knocking down three’s but he moves well with out the ball and continues to show what he has shown all summer long.