Session three was underway and Combine with Jeff McInnis matched up with Antonio Lowe and Winston-Salem Christian in a highly-anticipated showdown.  These two teams traded punches all throughout the first quarter and into the second, as Robert Dillingham came out swinging early while Brandon White muscled his way in the paint.

Second half, Combine retained their very small lead throughout, as Jaylen Curry started to pick up his game in the second to go with Dillingham’s performance while White, Quante Berry, and Daniel Nixon led the charge for WS Christian.  Combine held a narrow lead at the half 36-32.

Combine was able to come out strong and turn up the heat on defense, creating a few steals and scoring in transition to create a small cushion but still one that WS Christian was right in the game.  And they continued to battle and stay tight after three quarters, only down 51-44.

Around the six-minute mark, Combine was able to secure the first double-digit lead and was able to maintain that distance throughout the rest of the fourth, eventually taking home the strong win in Rock Hill.

Final: Combine Academy 71 – Winston-Salem Christian 64

Stat Leaders:
Robert Dillingham 24 points
Jaylen Curry 16 points
Kris Robinson 8 points

WS Christian:
Daniel Nixon 26 points
Brandon White 18 points
Quante Berry 11 points


2023 Robert Dillingham (Combine Academy): Dillingham did what Dillingham does; simply wired to score and that he did early to get his team on the right track.  He just has that instinct of when to score the ball and when he does, he can change a game.  Also showcased some bunnies in the win.

2023 Jaylen Curry (Combine Academy): Curry is the other young guard part of the 2023 duo at Combine, as he attacked well off the dribble, showing soft touch to get it on the rim or pulling up for his jumper.  Curry though just does an excellent job of seeing the floor, playing at a fast-pace but under control, and making good decisions.

2021 Omarion Bodrick (Combine Academy): Give it up for Bodrick, as he was impressive on the defensive end.  This is a young man that will rise up against anyone with his athleticism and challenge, and he wins a lot of the time.  He blocked multiple shots at the rim, ran the floor, and got on the boards.

2022 Brandon White (WS Christian): White came out with a purpose and played to show that he was one of the top bigs in the state of North Carolina.  He just knows how to how to get the ball up on the rim, continues to show his post and how to use his length down low, and get on the boards/block shots.

2021 Daniel Nixon (WS Christian): Probably the best game we have seen from Nixon in the early season, as he really did an excellent job of not settling and attacking the rim, using his body to bully through defenders and finish or get fouled. Did also display his range like he has bee known for with a three ball.

2022 Quante Berry (WS Christian): Berry is such a gifted guard at 6’4 and his ability to penetrate.  He changes direction incredibly well, and has a knack of picking his spots to attack and get to the cup.  That is when he is at his best and it is tough to stop