Wednesday afternoon, Phenom Hoops went out in the Charlotte area to check out a program that is going to a popular team to watch this summer.  The Charlotte Royals 2022 has a nice group coming in and players that can impact the floor.  Check out the roster that we saw on the court.

2022 6’0 Jack Turnbow

Turnbow is going to be one that can help in areas such as being another capable ball-handler when needed, as well as play off the ball and knock down spot shots or off the dribble.  Nice complimentary player for this team.

2023 5’10 Zavien Dillingham

Dillingham brings another point guard to the table with Willis, seeing the floor well, playing at a nice pace, and making plays for himself and for others on the court.

2022 6’5 Jadon Carnes

Carnes brings length to the that will help in areas down low and on the boards but he also shows that he can be an impact in several areas, stretching the floor on the offensive end as well.

2022 6’1 Peyton Patterson

Patterson is a solid guard that does a good job in penetrating and finding ways to score in the paint or around the rim. Brings a solid, built frame that really can be a nice piece to this team in areas on the court.

2022 6’1 Luke Stubbs

Stubbs does a tremendous job in getting to his spots and really stretching the floor with his outside shot.  He consistently showed that he can make a defense pay with his perimeter shooting and should certainly bring that to the table this summer.

2022 6’3 Sabastian Taylor

Only at 6’3, Taylor brings tremendous energy and hustle and really finishes strong at the rim.  With his strength and ability to finish at the rim, he is going to be a strong asset for a team that doesn’t have a ton of size yet.

2022 5’10 Marcus Willis

A small, quick guard that shows that he can lead and initiate the offense, create of the dribble well, and is shifty on the floor.  Willis plays with a sense of poise and maturity on the court, as well as showing that he is able to dictate the offense.  Finds his teammates well with good passes on the court as well as use his sped to get to the lane.

2023 6’3 Lance Gill

Gill is listed at 6’3 but plays bigger on the court. He is one that has only continued to get his body prepared and developed his game as he plays a level up and readies himself for the competition.  Gill has a good IQ and understanding of the game, with a natural feel for how to play the game. Watch for him this summer as well.

2022 6’2 Xavier McKelvy

McKelvy quickly became a well-known name this past season at United Faith and it seems that it is only going to continue this summer. He continues to show that he is a smooth but strong guard that is wired to score on multiple levels, finish with authority at the rim, and is incredibly strong and hard to stop getting downhill and into the paint. He put up some impressive numbers this season and should be a huge part of the Royals this season.  Also note, this young man has impressive athleticism that will have college coaches watching.