Michael Williams, of Riverside High School in Greenville SC. At 5’11 is a true Phenom Memorial Day Classic stand out Williams is a player who easily stood out among the top performers with games of 25, 43 and 23 points. He’s a smart, strong, tough guard prospect with the ability to produce with or without the ball in his hands.

Williams is a quality creator with vision, ball-handling, and reliable scoring prowess. He’s a great defender with quickness and the ability to force turnovers. He pushes the ball and knows how to play the game of basketball at an unbelievable level for someone as young as he is. He has an uncanny ability to find the ball. The other coaches shouted “shooter” when he got the ball. He shocked them when he penetrated and scored.

Williams was one of the best players we saw this weekend. He was excellent at handling the ball and playing physically. This star is rising, and it won’t be long.” Williams proved to be an asset throughout the weekend and should be poised for a strong high school season.