Phenom Hoops and HoopState wanted to bring an opportunity for programs to compete for a championship and that is what has happened, with eight programs coming to Lincolnton to play for bragging rights.  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we bring you some of the best talent and teams form the state.  Follow us throughout the event, as we provide coverage and recaps throughout.

Game 9: Quality Education vs. Carolina Basketball Academy

To start championship Saturday, QEA and Carolina Basketball dueled it out in Lincolnton.  QEA came out strong with a nice blend of inside game with Quincy Ballard and company, while also knocking down multiple three’s in the first quarter.  CBA though stayed aggressive around the rim, finishing some tough baskets around the rim. QEA built their lead to double-digits in the second half, playing with tremendous physicality.  CBA though turned the tables late with a few turnovers and transition points to cut the lead to 34-28 Quality Education.

The tables started to flip for Carolina Basketball, as Ethan Williams and Omar Gardner started to come alive and knock down shots, while Donte Walker continued his tremendous play.  CBA retook the lead in the third quarter and got downhill while knocking down some key three’s.  QEA never could gain back the lead but the game stayed close throughout the second half.

Final: Carolina Basketball Academy 63 – Quality Education 58

Quality Education: Derrick Butler 17 points, Quincy Ballard 17 points/ Kevin Mars 15 points

Carolina Basketball Academy: Donte Walker 25 points/ Elijah Wilson 12 points/ Omar Gardner 12 points

Game 10: Bull City Prep vs. Moravian Prep Regional

Next game up, two teams coming off big wins on Day 2 look to end the event with a 2-1 record.  Moravian Prep Regional and Bull City Prep kept this one close all throughout the game, with neither team being able to break away for the most part.  Tavis Bridges continued his play form Day 2, scoring 9 points early and finishing the game with 23 points and 14 rebounds, while Bull City Prep was led by Treyvon Byrd’s 25 points. 

Coming down to the final seconds, Bull City Prep went 1-for-2 from the line, giving them a three-point lead with just over four seconds remaining.  A last-second shot from Cameron Thompson came up short and Bull City recorded the tough 61-58 victory.

Final: Bull City Prep 61 – Moravian Prep Regional 58

Bull City: Treyvon Byrd 25 points, 9 rebounds/ Jaden Hester 16 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists
Moravian Regional: Tavis Bridges 25 points, 14 rebounds/ Hamilton Campbell 9 points

Game 11: Word of God vs. Liberty Heights

After these two teams came off tough losses on Day 2, Liberty Heights and Word of God brought the crowd and played an intense game.  Two teams that have talent at multiple levels, they both got after it.  Word of God was able to grab the early halftime lead behind Isaiah Todd and Po’Boigh King, but Kam Edwards’ ability to knock down perimeter shots kept them close at half.

Second half though, Todd and King continued to take over and increase their lead.  Todd finished his afternoon off with a 30-point performance, while King chipped in 23, including 15 in the second half.  Liberty struggled to slow down the offensive attack from Word of God, but players like Jeremy Baker and Edwards found some success scoring the ball.  In the end though, Word of God was just too much.

Final: Word of God 85 – Liberty Heights 65

Word of God: Isaiah Todd 30 points, 7 rebounds/ Po’Boigh King 23 points, 12 rebounds
Liberty Heights: Kam Edwards 21 points/ Jeremy Baker 8 points, 5 rebounds/ Trevaughn Booker13 points

Game 12: Moravian Prep National vs. Combine Academy

This was it… this was everything that these teams have played for over the last three days.  The championship games had all the storylines coming in and both teams wanted this badly.  Both teams came out strong, looking to find an early rhythm.  Combine came out and created some opportunities around the rim behind the play of Jalen Hood-Schifino.  In the second quarter though, it was Moravian turning it up a notch on both ends, allowing their defense to lead to their offense.  Shakeel Moore led the charge with five steals and 15 points in the first half, while Jahmari Harvey found his stroke from deep.  Moravian took charge early with a 42-23 halftime lead.

Moravian continued to maintain their lead throughout the third quarter but Combine never backed down and gave up, continuing to compete and notching it down to 14 in the third quarter with a small run.  Moravian pushed their lead back to 20+ and never looked back, securing the first Phenom’s HoopState Championship.

Final: Moravian Prep 80 – Combine Academy 69

Moravian: Shakeel Moore 20 points/ Jamahri Harvey 27 points/ Josh Hall 16 points
Combine: Jalen Hood-Schifino 25 points/ Jalen Miller 8 points