Jaybron Harvey  6’3 180 2023  Southern Durham High School, Durham NC

Jaybron is an exceptional athlete combining a strong, powerful frame with agility and explosiveness.  He brings great versatility on both ends of the floor and has proven to be a productive player in every role he has been tasked to fill in both AAU and as a freshman starter at Southern Durham High School.  He can serve as a lead guard where he has a solid handle and vision, plays with great poise and is an intelligent decision-maker.  Jaybron is at his best attacking off the dribble where he has the strength to overpower most guards but also shows a solid burst and plays of hesitations nicely.  He uses quick crossovers, hand dribbles and attacks angles nicely.  More of a downhill attacker he uses his quick handle, a combination of power and a strong first step and powerful strides to get an angle. 

He can blow by many defenders or bully his way to the rim. Jaybron uses the spin move nicely and plays through contact effectively. He is fearless attacking the rim where he can punish defenders or use creativity at the rim.  His mix of powerful yet shifty playmaking skills makes him difficult to match up against.  He moves off the ball nicely and can hit the catch and shoot jumper at a good rate.  More likely to use a quick rip and create off the bounce he can also stretch the floor with the occasional three-pointer demonstrating solid mechanics and footwork necessary to be an effective perimeter scoring threat.  He gets to the rim so frequently he’s less likely to settle for the jumper although he poses a more than a respectable shot-making threat from beyond the arc and even more so in the mid-range where he operates comfortably and efficiently.  Jaybron is a valuable asset on the defensive end where he defends multiple positions effectively.  He is a strong rebounder, a physical presence around the rim who most often wins the battle for the position because of his strength, aggressiveness and deceptive quickness.  Amazingly quick off his feet, explosive leaping ability and he has a good touch around the rim. 

Jaybron shows a solid defensive posture and footwork.  He has quick feet and is surprisingly nimble for a young man with such a solid, powerful frame.  Has very good lateral quickness allowing him to defend the dribble nicely.  Jaybron has an advanced grasp of skills and a great understanding of the game; he’s been coached up nicely.  He competes and has a great motor. Undoubtedly a rising star at Southern Durham High School he seems well on his way to following in the footsteps of his brother and former Southern Durham standout Jayvis Harvey who played in 30 games as a freshman this past season at James Madison University! 

Like Jayvis, Jaybron is a high academic student/athlete carrying a 3.6gpa in AP and honors classes, he ranks 33rd in his freshman class of 420 students!  Jaybron is one of the top players in the North Carolina 2023 class and will become a highly sought after player as his high school career progresses.