Malcolm Velmar 5’9 130 2023  Tabb High School,  Yorktown VA

Malcolm is an explosive athlete with a great natural feel for the game.  A jitterbug of a playmaker whose low center of gravity and strength coupled with a crafty and tight handle allows him to mix in abrupt stops and explosive starts and quick change of direction moves to breakdown defenses.  He has good vision and is a very good passer.  He is able to create for himself and for teammates.  

In his current role, he is asked to be more of a scoring point guard and has the instincts and the tools to thrive in that role. Malcolm is a good shooter, very good mid-range areas and has the ability to penetrate defenses, carve out space with his quick feet for a jumper or simply blow by his man.  He hits the pull-up jumper at a good rate and is a pretty good finisher despite his height due largely to his nice touch and creativity around the rim but also as a result of his strength, toughness and fearless nature.  He also does a great job getting to the line.  Malcolm keeps the pressure on defenses, always looking to attack.  If you leave your man to help on him he has the vision and passing creativity to find the open man for good looks at the rim.  He is very good executing half-court sets and is a solid decision-maker.   Dangerous in the open floor because he is so fleet-footed and shifty, can make dribble moves while operating at a super quick pace and leave defenders grabbing at air.  Defensively Malcolm is a disruptive force because he is so quick and instinctive, has a great motor and tenacity!  He is a harassing on-ball defender who can get in your bubble and not get beat.  

Off the ball, he is in the right place to make plays and has the quickness to bait passes and jump into passing lanes for steals.  Malcolm has already established himself as a player to highlight on scouting reports having enjoyed success at the JV and now the varsity levels in high school and in AAU where he helped lead Boo Williams – Hite to the AAU D1 14U National Championship this past summer.  A very good playmaker and a nightmare of a defensive assignment, Malcolm Velmar should continue to elevate his status among the top floor generals in his classification in Virginia as his high school career progresses.