Timayahs Bracey  5’6 130  Church Hill Academy, Richmond VA

Timayahs caught my eye prior to the high school season in a team camp in Richmond when he rained 8 three pointers in a game showing “in the gym” range and a quick release.  His shooting form was picturesque and his confidence unwavering.  So I had to watch him again and he put on another three point shooting clinic and showed plenty of variety as I watched him attack hard closeouts and make plays off the dribble showing flashes of ball handling creativity and passing skills.  He used shot fakes and one and two dribble pull-ups demonstrating balance and consistency.  Timayahs is a left handed shooter with sound mechanics.  His release is high and quick, his mechanics repeatable and he’s one of the better three pointers shooters in the 2023 class.  Many highlights have shown his three point shot making expertise but he’s also a versatile shot maker as opposed to simply a catch and release threat.  He moves instinctively off the ball to get open, makes great cuts and always catches the ball shot ready.  He also possesses very good ball skills with the ability to make plays off the dribble for himself and for teammates. 

Timayahs is quick and uses quick rips, crossovers and hesitations to keep defenders off balance.  His shiftiness coupled with his quickness makes him difficult to stay in front of and he doesn’t need much time or space to get his shot off.  He’s a crafty finisher at the rim who uses side steps nicely to score around bigger defenders and uses scoop shots and attacks the rim in a slippery manner demonstrating great body control and balance.  Timayahs is also very adept at creating offense for teammates as he is a very good passer with good vision.  He plays with energy and enthusiasm which is most evident on the defensive end where he uses his quickness and sound footwork on the ball.  Timayahs has a great motor and loves to compete.  He’s a scrappy and tough defender who has the ability to impact games on that end of the floor as well. 

Only a freshman he already demonstrates sound skills as not only a shot maker and versatile scorer but someone who can also serve as a primary ball handler and capably lead the offense.  One of the most intriguing freshmen in Virginia, coaches should begin taking note now!