Amari Gorham  6’2 140 2022  York High School, Yorktown VA

Amari is a smooth shooting wing with a gorgeous stroke and sound shot mechanics.  He has good length complimented by a long wingspan and a high release and knocks down shots from all levels.  Amari has a frame that suggests plenty of length is still to come in his physical development.  He is a fluid athlete with very good body control and versatility on both ends of the floor.  He has been making shots at a very good rate during fall league action both spacing the floor and sprinting into shots off screens.  He can really shoot the basketball!  He runs the floor nicely filling lanes in transition or sprinting to a corner for catch and shoot three-point opportunities where he is especially dangerous.  He has a quick release, stays square and on balance.  Amari can also get to the rim using his rangy strides and solid ball-handling skills and shows some craftiness finishing around the rim.  He flashes the ability to attack closeouts and also the ability to get a good look at the rim from confined spaces.  He is a very good scorer off the dribble and demonstrates the ability to create for others.

Although his strength is unmistakably his ability to score the basketball, Amari is a capable passer with vision and a high IQ.   He can hit the jumper off the dribble and gets very good elevation.  Defensively he guards multiple positions effectively from defending the dribble with solid footwork and length to dropping down to defend the post and use his length and quick elevation as a rebounding presence.  Amari has tons of potential and is an intelligent player.  He has a smoothness to his game and has the ability to make difficult plays look routine.  He will soon establish himself as one of the top players in his class in the 757 and I expect will put himself on the radar as a next-level prospect in due time.  He should also establish himself as one of the areas better shooters and most impactful scorers.  Keep an eye on the York High School Sophomore as he has a promising basketball future.